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15 Things to do When you are in Oludeniz

Ölüdeniz is located in Turkey's prime position, making it Bay to white sand, clear blue water and mountains of Babadag. The region got the fame as Turkish Turquoise Coast. It has helped boom tourism over the area during the summer season. Besides all the fun activities you can do on sand and sea, the area is also the world's best place for tandem paragliding, bringing a large crowd of thrill-seekers to enjoy the adrenaline rush. However, the list does not stop here. There are a lot more things to enjoy in the region during the summer months.

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About Ölüdeniz

Among all the coastline regions of Turkey, Ölüdeniz is the most popular one. It is the home to the most photographed beaches in Turkey. The region is popular for mild winter temperatures. So you can visit any month to have a chilled-out vacation. But remember you will find a major tourist rush between June to September which means you can consider having a break during May to early June or September for a calm stay.

The region has plenty of history as it is a part of Turkey's Lycian region, which dates back to around 3000 years. Ölüdeniz translates to the dead sea. However, that is not the literal meaning. The name is given because of the calm sea, which is almost dead. Thus, it is the best family holiday spot.

Things to do in Ölüdeniz

Assuming you are visiting the region during the summer season, here is a guide to help you know the top things you can enjoy during your vacation.

Enjoy Beach of Ölüdeniz

The reason is just the perfect place to enjoy sunbath and swim. Surrounded by lush pine forest, the sweep of the beach offers a great time to enjoy the summer season. The main beach area is quite a long public space which is loaded with restaurants and cafes. The beach takes a small charge as it is basically the part of Ölüdeniz National Park.

Tandem paragliding

To enjoy something incredible, you need to go for tandem paragliding in the region. When in Turkey, you have to try this famous adventure sport. The activity is open from May to October and is organized with proper safety and precautions. The view from the sky will offer you just the right sight you need to enjoy the coastline.

Visit Kayaköy

The village of Kayaköy is located 9 km over the hills from the Ölüdeniz beach. It is scattered with church remnants and stone houses of a once-thriving community of Ottoman.

Like any other Greek village in Turkey, the inhabitants were forced to move to Greece according to the Greek Turkish exchange stipulation in 1923. The place tells the modern Turkey birth story. While strolling through the steep hillside trails, you will have an evocative experience of the long-gone world.

Take a boat ride to Butterfly Valley

When bored of sunbathing on the beach, you can take a boat ride at the butterfly valley. The lush, narrow valley at the sea edges is dramatically perfect for photographs. The trail will lead to a small waterfall. However, the most interesting thing is to enjoy the lush scenery of the region.

Explore Tlos

With a visit to the Lycian city, you will get to know about a lot of history. The area was once home to the Greeks. However, they had to completely abandon during the 19th century. The Acropolis area showcases the ancient layers of the site settlement. It is the place you need to first visit. The region is crowned small by small Ottoman fortresses, while the rocks below are hollowed, giving it a look of Lycian rock tombs with some ornate facades. You can also explore Roman baths, present nearby, which is still preserved well.

Take boat tours

You can take a boat ride beginning from Ölüdeniz beach. The sightseeing is just perfect for sunbathing, swimming spots and enjoying the coastal scenery from a ship. Besides, you can even have a private session on the boat with music and food.

Enjoy the Blue Lagoon

If you are a fan of beautiful seacoast sites, then the lagoon is just the place for you. It is the most photographed beach in Turkey. Surrounded by blinding blues of the Mediterranean water against the white stand, well, surely will take the breath away. As the lagoon comes under the National Conservation area, you have to pay a small amount to get inside. But there is a surety you will have a chilled time. The calm waters are just perfect for the families to visit with a safe swimming experience. Besides, it is filled with flora and fauna around, making the entire environment beautiful.

Discover Ancient Xanthos

It is one of UNESCO's world heritage sites, which was one of the ancient largest Lycia'scity that functioned as its capital. The place was known for statuary sculptures which were dismantled by the British archaeologist. The rambling ruling areas of the place include Roman theatre, Colonnades street and Agora. It is just the perfect place for history lovers.

Dive in the city vibe in Fethiye

Take a break to visit the city to enjoy great views, food, and culture. To learn about some history, you can visit the Fethiye Museum, which includes some great collections inside. Besides, the region also has a Roman theatre and a crusader castle, which can only be admired from outside.

Go for Hiking in The Lycian Way

If you are a fan of adventure activities, then taking up hiking to the Lycian Way will offer you just the adrenaline rush you need. When you hike to the top, you will get a view of some of the best coastal places located within a 500 km trail. But make sure you take on the challenge only when you are an extremely good hiker as a journey is quite long.

Visit Lycian Tombs

Pinara does not have many Lycian ruins in the region. However, it is the dense forest and the dusky blue snow-capped mountains located in a distance which makes it a perfect place to visit during your trip to Ölüdeniz. The attraction in the location is a well-preserved Roman theatre and high cliff face riddled. Taking a hike way to the top will offer you just the perfect view of the cold snow-capped mountain nearby with lush green scenery.

Have an adventure at Saklikent Gorge

It is one of the most popular places in Turkey to enjoy a day trip during the high summer season. Although it isn't particularly dramatic, the area is quite shady, with high canyon walls going up to 200 m in height. There is a wooden board trail installed over the Icy blue coloured river, which offers the entrance into the depths. To add more adventure, you can consider hiking up to the waterfall to enjoy a great view.

Visit Letöön

The area was one of the most important cult centres during the ancient Lycian time. Unlike the other regions, it wasn't a city but a religious site. The religious sanctuaries in the location include three temples that have been partially reconstructed to make the place look a bit pleasing. The temples were dedicated to the most important deity, the Greek goddess of Leto and her children Apollo and Artemis.

If you are a religious person, then visiting Letöön will offer you just the experience you have been looking for.

Go for Diving

What can be better than taking a deep dive in the clear blue water? The experience will be both calming and relaxing for you. Unlike many areas, Ölüdeniz has the perfect coastline to die for all your around as the water stays warm throughout the year, making it perfect for beginners and advanced divers. Besides, there are driving schools that will offer you proper training to guarantee you have one kind of experience. In the area, you can also find some archaeological diving sites that range back to 300 BC during Alexander the Great.

Enjoy Horse Riding

You can consider taking a day off to take a horse riding session to find many excursions in the local area along with a guide to enjoy some local Turkish village lunch. It is just the perfect way to enjoy a calming and soothing trip with your loved one.

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You can find numerous things to enjoy in the region. From spending a chilling time at the beach cafes to wandering around the historic ruins, your trip will surely be a memorable one. Besides, the region also has great nightlife during the summer months, which will offer everything you can expect from a coastline trip. So, if you are ready to have a great summer vacation, it is time to pack your bags and leave to get the best experience.

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