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Airport Locations In Turkey- Get It Here

Are you looking for a major airport located in Turkey? You are at the right place. In this article, you will have a perfect piece of knowledge on significant airports that will blow your mind. Airport locations play a crucial role, and therefore, if you are planning to visit Turkey, check whether your airports are mentioned in this article. After several stats, these airports are considered the best airport to land in Turkey, and you can find most of the things here and around them. Some big hotels and restaurants are also situated, and thus landing in these airports will make your trip to Turkey amazing.

Antalya Province

Tourists love to land at airports closer to their needed place, as they can easily avail all the necessary things. Depending on the essential needs of the people, transportation facilities, availability of hotels and inns, experts have listed these airports as the most favourable. So if you ever plan to visit the beautiful country, you must only book tickets for these terminals. Here are some of the significant airports and locations that you must opt for.

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Major Airports of Turkey

In this section, a list of airports provides an epic view and helps you connect with the country efficiently. They are:

The Lycian Rock Tombs

This airport is one of the largest in the country, and many people use this airport regularly. It shows the availability of flights, needs, hotels around the airport, and also liquid transportation. Tourists from all over the world visit Turkey and they prefer to land in this airport. Before the pandemic, this airport marked the highest footfall, and therefore you can consider this airport as one of the important terminals to visit Turkey. With cafes, shopping facilities, restaurants, this airport will amaze you. As it is a public airport, you can find both domestic and international terminals here.

Location: Yeşilköy, Bakırköy

Operator: TAV airports

Ankara Esenboga Airport

Another significant airport that has made its way to the second on the list is Ankara Esenboga Airport. The name of this airport has an interesting story. There was a warlord in the army of Timur, after whom this airport is named. All the shopping facilities, dining, top-notch cafes, and beautiful interiors of the airport is a wow factor. Tourists can also find bus stops, metros, railway stations, and even rental cars outside the airport. All these factors play an essential role in your trip to any country. In 2008, this airport received the best airport award by ACI Europe. This is also a public airport with two terminals, international and domestic.

Location: Northeast Ankara

Operator: TAV airports

Antalya Airport

One of the major reasons for visiting Turkey is its epic beach view. Due to the sole reason of beach views in summer, tourists from all over the globe visit Turkey. The main reason for building this airport for the public is the love for the beaches. The Antalya airport is located near Mediterranean beaches. It attracts millions of people from different parts of the world and even the citizens of Turkey. During summers, this airport records the highest number of footfalls. If you enjoy the beach and want to visit Turkey for it, landing in this airport is beneficial. With domestic and international terminals, it makes a perfect choice for beach lovers.

Location: Antalya

Operator: ICF airports

Trabzon Airport

Tourists and even the locals have a huge number of options for flights from this airport that makes it a significant factor for the popularity of Trabzon airport. Some top-notch airlines you can avail of are Sun Express, Kuwait Airways, Air Arabia, and Pegasus Airlines. The airport officials provide free WiFi to the commuters for two hours. There is a rental car, and even taxi stands outside the airports that are available 24*7. Some tourists land late at night and need to reach their destination or hotels. As there is a taxi stand and rental car at all times, this makes the airport reliable. This airport falls under the public airport.

Location: Trabzon

Operator: TAV airports

Erzurum Airport

Erzurum airport connects the tourists and Turkish people with eastern Turkey. In 2019, this airport connected millions of people with the eastern part of Turkey, and therefore, people visiting the location must opt for this airport. Another interesting fact about the airport is that it has an open-air parking facility. The facility can accumulate more than 200 cars. Even though it is a small airport that connects the eastern side with the rest of the country, several top-notch airlines land here. Airlines such as Sun Express, Pegasus airlines, Anadolu Jet and Turkish Airlines land their flights. This is a public as well as a military airport.

Location: Erzurum

Operator: DHMI and Turkish air force command

Dalaman Airport

Another major airport that provides its services to both public and the military is the Dalaman airport. As it serves the military and public, you have a huge range of options for shopping, cafes, restaurants, and even unique handicrafts. The airport served the purpose of the aerodrome, which means it was a place where war aircrafts used to land and take off. Recently, the airport officials made it public, and you can find international and domestic terminals. From stats, the airport is considered the busiest airport. The airport officials provide pleasurable facilities that do not bore the public to wait for flights.

Location: Dalaman

Operator: YDA airport investment and management

Sivas Airport

This airport has a unique topography. If you look at the airport map, you will find that it is located at a specific part of the hill. The sole reason for building this airport is to provide military facilities and to serve the country. Moreover, it was also used for the airstrip for war aircraft. But looking at the increasing need for the public, officials have turned it into a public airport. In Turkey, this airport is considered to have the second-longest runways. If you love the serenity of the hills, you must visit this place and land at Sivas airport. The airport type is public.

Location: Sivas

Operator: General Directorate of State Airports Authority (GDSAA).

Milas- Bodrum Airport

One of the major airports of Turkey that serves millions of people is Milas- Bodrum airport. With domestic and international flight facilities, this airport is one of the busiest airports during holidays and vacations. International terminals have a long spacious lounge with WiFi facilities that makes waiting pleasurable. You do not need to step outside the airport for any services. The airport has top-brands shopping outlets, food courts, and also several unique souvenirs. Being a public airport, it has massive options for top-notch flights and airlines.

Location: Bodrum

Operator: TAV airports holding and GDSAA.

Istanbul Airport

The Istanbul airport is another major airport in the country. It has a single terminal, but to amaze you, the terminal provides service for international and domestic flights. The airport operators plan to build a metro that will help the airport link up with the Istanbul Metro Service. People do not need to arrange for rental cars or taxis to go to the airport. This is a unique factor for an airport. If the plan goes on the right track, then Istanbul airport will become a prominent airport in Turkey. The airport is a public airport with a single terminal.

Location: Arnavutköy, İstanbul

Operator: IGA or Istanbul Grand Airport

Ordu-Giresun Airport

Do island vibes attract you? If yes, then this place is a heaven on earth. For all island lovers, the airport will connect you with the islands of Turkey, and you can enjoy the summer vibes. There are massive tourist counts during summers, as they like to enjoy the scenic beauty of the islands. Even this airport is made on an artificial island that makes it more interesting. Ordu-Giresun airport is the third largest artificial airport that is made on an island. Turkey is known for its crystal clear water of Mediterranean and Turkish history. This airport connects you with the islands and beaches. As a public airport and is an artificial one, only domestic flights land here.

Location: Gulyali, Ordu

Operator: GDSAA

Gazipasa- Alanya Airport

It falls under a small airport category that was built in 1999. Even after the completion of the facility, this airport functioned much later after the completion. It provides low-cost airlines and runs under Transavia airlines. The fact that it is a small airport makes it a tourist attraction sometimes. Transavia Airlines were the first international airline that has their flights in this airport. If you want to visit this place, you need to avail yourself of these specific airlines from your country, or else you need to land in Turkey and opt for a flight to this place.

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Wrapping Up!

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