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Best food or dishes for tourists in Turkey

Turkey is one of the most beautiful European countries attracting thousands of tourists every year. It has a rich heritage and culture, bringing together a wide variety of dishes and cuisines. The country helps tourists enjoy diversified food items that are lip-smacking and healthy. Turkey’s rich and fertile soil produces numerous vegetables that help to restore the authentic taste of each dish.

This country flaunts the fusion of European and Asian cultures, and thus, tourists can enjoy various cuisines as a result. Turkey offers tasty Mediterranean food cooked in olive oil. One can also enjoy spicy southeast dishes with the real flavours of a variety of spices. People here emphasize using fresh ingredients in cooking and seasoning food items perfectly.

This post will be your best friend if you are a food-lover and visiting Turkey shortly. Here are some of the most amazing dishes that one should not miss out on a trip to this beautiful Mediterranean country.

Antalya Province

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Turkish people love eggplants and incorporate this vegetable in most of their food items. They prepare a variety of eggplant dishes, and one of them is saksuka. It is a healthy food item cooked in olive oil, having a taste not to forget for a lifetime. Besides eggplants, the dish also contains zucchinis, tomatoes, chilli, and garlic in a fixed proportion

Saksuka is prepared in different ways in different parts of Turkey. The difference in taste comes from the amount of zucchini, garlic, chilli, and tomatoes added to the food while cooking. If you are fond of eggplants and want to taste the perfect balance of spices, order a plate of sasuka in any Turkish restaurant.

Piyaz Salad

If a person visits Antalya and does not taste its famous Piyaz salad, his trip is considered a complete waste. This salad is one of the favourites of Turkish people, and they serve it with pride. Piyaz is prepared with small beans called candir, grown in an inland province.

In this salad, candir is mixed with tahini sauce, vinegar, garlic, salt, lemon juice, parsley leaves, and olive oil. All these ingredients are given a nice mix to obtain the perfect taste. If you are not on a vegan diet, you can enjoy a soft boiled egg chopped on the salad. The egg enhances the taste of the salad and increases its nutritional value as well.

Inegol Kofte

People in Turkey are extremely fond of their koftes and prepare them in various methods. Koftes are an integral part of Turkish cuisine, portraying the rich heritage of the country. Inegol Kofte is one of the most famous ones in this category of meatballs. It tastes heavenly and can be eaten directly or rolled in a piece of bread.

Inegol koftes are easy to prepare since they require only two ingredients, namely, ground lamb or beef and breadcrumbs. The seasoning part of this kofte plays a vital role since it decides the final taste of the dish. Many add onions on top of the serving, while others prefer their koftes without any seasoning.

Ezogelin Corba

Corba is the Turkish name used for soups and is quite a staple food item for people here. Each Turkish dish has a story to tell, and so does this one also. The story goes that Ezogelin corba was invented by a woman named Ezo to win over the heart of her mother-in-law. This soup is prepared with red lentils, hot or sweet tomato puree, grated onions, and tomatoes. Dried mint and chilli flakes are sprinkled on top of the serving to enhance its look and taste. You should not miss out on this food item if you are visiting Turkey.

Yaprak Dolma

Yaprak Dolma not only tastes amazing but also has a unique look that attracts eyeballs. It is prepared with rice, tomatoes, parsley, onion, garlic, black pepper, salt, olive oil, and water. All these ingredients are cooked well, and a small portion of the mixture is filled in a vine leaf folded in the shape of a cylinder. The vine leaves should be folded carefully to ensure the mixture does not come out. Yaprak dolma is a favourite of Greeks who are born and brought up in Turkey. It represents the famous Turkish Aegean cuisine and has an unforgettable taste.

Iskender Kebab

A majority of Turkish people are figure-conscious, and they prefer eating healthy throughout the day. However, they do not mind working out for extra hours to sweat out the calories gained by eating kebabs. Iskender Kebab, invented by Iskender Efendi, is a famous dish of Bursa, located in the northeast of the nation.

This dish is cooked by placing a thin slice of doner meat on fluffy bread. Freshly made tomato sauce is added on top of the meat along with some butter to achieve a tangy taste. Finally, the kebab is served with yoghurt, pepper, and grilled tomatoes. Iskender kebab is a whole meal that will keep you full for hours.

Hamsili Pilav

People living around the black sea are very fond of the dish called hamsili pilav. Rice and fish are one of the main food items in this region, and this dish complements them perfectly. Hamsili pilav is prepared with rice and slender-shaped fish. The dish is cooked in a stock of peanuts, fried onions, butter, raisins, and Turkish allspice.

Hamsili pilav is served with freshly chopped parsley leaves and dill. It is cooked in over, and the procedure is quite hassle-free. The final taste of the item is excellent, making people long for it.


Manti is a special type of dumpling available in various fillings. This dish is available in different parts of Turkey, but the ones sold in Kayseri steal the heart of food lovers. Manti is a dish containing small squares of dough filled with a stuffing of various items. These dough squares are then boiled in water, and finally, yoghurt and chilli flakes are added as toppings.

These dumplings are usually made small, and thus, are quite time-consuming to prepare. However, people in this country are experts in preparing Manti, and they can prepare numerous small dumplings within a short time. The dish goes perfectly with a cup of Turkish coffee or tea.

Perde pilav

Perde pilav, as the name suggests, means curtained rice. It is a favourite dish of Turkish people who cannot live without having rice. It is prepared by filling the buttery dough with rice, chicken, almonds, pine nuts, butter, and currant. The entire dough is then baked in an oven and should be served hot, or else the taste deteriorates.

Oregano, pepper, and salt are used to season perde pilav before serving. This dish looks like a newly-built home and symbolizes fertility. It is a favourite dish of mothers-in-law for their future daughters-in-law. If you are visiting Turkey, do not miss ordering this dish in the restaurant you are visiting.


Simit is the go-to food item for the people in Turkey. It is ring-shaped bread naked by almost every household every day. Simit is available in every corner of the city, from small shops to big cafes. Street vendors also sell this bread in small baskets or pushing carts. This food item is easy to prepare since it only requires baking in an oven.

Studies say that simit was invented in the kitchen of the Suleyman’s palace in the 15th century. However, this fact is not yet backed by any evidence, and thus, simit remains as an age-old ferrite food of Turkish people. The taste of the food item differs from one bakery to another, but the essence and the emotions attached to it remains the same.


Can a relishing meal be complete without ice cream? Dondurma is a special version of ice cream available only in Turkey. You can have it with a pair of a knife and a fork, and it is made of sahlep and milk. Sahlep is flour prepared from the tubers of orchids and mastic and tastes great.

Dondurma is chewable due to the mastic added to it. The food item is chilled and has a smooth finish. It is a favourite of people from all age groups and tourists can also not resist its taste.

Cig Kofte

Cig kofte is the final name on this list of the top food items available in Turkey. It is another favourite kofte of Turkish people and carries an age-old legacy. It is prepared by mixing raw ground beef, also known as cig, onions, garlic, tomato puree, pepper, and some of the famous spices of the country.

The mixture is kneaded well to bring its authentic taste. If you want to enjoy a healthier option of this item, then opt for bulgur instead of meat. However, the taste of the dish will remain the same even though meat is removed from its ingredients.

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Wrapping Up!

If you are visiting Turkey in the upcoming days and want to enjoy the best dishes along with a good stay, contact us at www.turkey-pool-villa.com. We shall offer you the best services at the most budget-friendly price and ensure you have a pleasant stay in Turkey.