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Best Tourist Attractions in Fethiye

If you are visiting Turkey, Fethiye is the best place to set your camp and explore the several tourist attractions the place offers. Fethiye is a harbour town and is situated perfectly for tourists to explore all the areas, including the beaches or move inwards towards the mountains and look for ancient Lycian culture.

Fethiye is perfectly located in a laid-back place and is one of the best places for you to relax before and after hectic sightseeing in Turkey. Moreover, Fethiye is surrounded by several rocky mountains, beaches, and UNESCO-protected ruins for you to visit and have a relaxing time. If you are an adventurer, you can also look into boating, river rafting, and paragliding when in Fethiye.

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If you are visiting Fethiye for your vacation, here are some of the best places in Fethiye you can visit:

Fethiye Old Town

If you want to relax, the Fethiye old town is a shaded village for you to take a stroll. When moving through the town, you will find several traditional Turkish carpets, ceramic shops, and other shops selling the best range ofjewellery, watches, and sunglasses. If you want to explore the old town markets, you will find extensive shops selling all sorts of dried herbs, spices, and lokum.

Fethiye Rock Tombs

The Fethiye rock tombs are Lycian tombs. The place gives you a great view of the Fethiye marina, and you can spend your time watching the sunset from the top.

The Rock tombs of Fethiye is the Tomb of Amyntas and is several years old. If you want to spend your day at the tombs, you can indulge yourself in a cold cup of Efes Pilsen while you enjoy other delicacies at the restaurants nearby.

Fethiye Boat Tour

The boat trips of Fethiye are not limited to the 12 island boats that you might have heard of. There are several value-for-money packages for boat trips, including 8 hours, five swim stops and lunch breaks.

If you are uncomfortable with the idea of a big boat and many people, you can always hire smaller boats for private tours. Several private boats touring services in Fethiye allow you to explore the unseen Fethiye and help you relax on your vacation.

Beaches in Fethiye

Fethiye has many beaches. If you visit Fethiye in summer, you can spend almost all your time at the Karagözlerdolmuş. Other beaches in Fethiye that attract tourists are Aksazlar Bay, Samanlik Bay, and Kuleli. One of the most popular beaches around the Fethiye peninsula is the Help Beach, but if you visit Help in season, you will need to reserve a bed before you go.

Local Markets of Fethiye

If you are an explorer who likes to learn about the culture of your visit, the market is probably the first place you would like to start. The Fethiye market offers you an array of fresh fruits and vegetables. Moreover, you can find several counterfeit designer clothes, shoes, and sunglass stalls around the huge market of Fethiye.

If you visit Fethiye for a long time, you might want to visit the Tuesday market as it is the biggest and has lots of extra shops that you might not find on the other days. The Tuesday market brings you exotic items from the other local markets and farms that allow you to try several special cuisines and crafts of the Turkish culture. One of the must-try for every visitor to the Fethiye market is the Gözleme – A Turkish flatbread or the traditional village bread, baglama.

Ölüdeniz Beaches

Your vacation trip to Fethiye is incomplete without a visit to the Ölüdeniz Beaches. It is one of the most photographed beaches in the world. The beach has chased waves, and you can take a relaxing swim in the lagoon just by the beach. Your vacation trip to Fethiye is incomplete without a visit to the Ölüdeniz Beaches. It is one of the most photographed beaches in the world. The beach has chased waves, and you can take a relaxing swim in the lagoon just by the beach.

Take a boat from Fethiye village to the Ölüdeniz Beaches. You can ask the driver to drop you at the lagoon if you want to take a cool dip in the clear waters of the lagoon.


Kayaköy is in ruins and is one of the most popular places for tourists to visit. The place is left deserted after the population exchange between Turkey and Greece in 1923 and is not a sad reminder of the past. If you want to spend a day in Kayaköy, you can explore the ruins and watch the sunset while you sip coffee in one of the many restaurants that serve delicious food at the most affordable prices. If you want to take a stroll, you can always take a walk back to Fethiye from Kayaköy.

ŞehitFethi Bey Park

ŞehitFethi Bey Park is the largest recreational area in Fethiye. The pace is filled with amusing rides and grounds for you to have a relaxing and exciting day. You can chill in the water, take a stroll, cycle, run, or just use the gym at ŞehitFethi Bey Park. Moreover, there is a large area with many exciting rides for kids to enjoy themselves while you relax.

Just outside the park is Duck Island, where you can feed the ducks in the water. There is also a skate park for rollerblading fans and skateboard fans to enjoy themselves during the vacation.

The Fethiye Fountains

Although the fountains are currently not working due to the pandemic, t is one of the best attractions in Fethiye. The fountains UğurMumcu Park or the Fethiye fountains dance to music and light on special occasions throughout the year. It is one of the main attractions for the tourists looking to experience the nightlife of Fethiye.

The Fethiye Museum

Once you have explored the ruins of Tlos, you will find the museum of Fethiye to be a very interesting palace to visit. The museum has displayed several archaeological finds from the ruins of Tlos and several other Roman statues that are of great historical significance.

The museum is small and is worth a couple of hours from your trip. It is a great retreat for you to learn and see different artefacts found in the ruins of Tlos and the Temessos Theater.

Umbrella Street

Umbrella Street is a recent tourist attraction in Fethiye. It is the Sunday market that has been decorated for tourists. Besides shopping, you can enjoy several good delicacies on Umbrella Street and take great photographs.


Pinara is a honeycombed mountain cliff that lies on the southwest side of Fethiye. The place is situated beside the ruins of the Lycian city and is home to ver 900 rock tombs. The site is very inaccessible, and tomb builders had to be lowered on a platform for them to work.

The best thing you can find in Pinara is the lush green scenery overlooked by snow-topped peaks. It is one of the quietest places you can visit in Fethiye.


Letoön is a UNESCO-protected ruin from the Lycian religion. The site is dedicated to the Greek goddess Leto, who was banished to Lycia by Hera after discovering her affair with Zeus. The place is also dedicated to her two twins Apollo and Artemis. Letoön has an incredible atmosphere and is surrounded by beautiful scenery. The only thing left of the once capital of Lycia is the well-preserved mosaic floor of the Apollo temple.


Xanthos was the capital of ancient Lycia and is often referred to as the oldest republic in the world. A popular assembly and a president governed the place of 20 cities. UNESCO now protects the site of Xanthos. Although several beautiful Xanthos monuments were taken to England in the 19th century, some of the finest mosaics remain in Xanthos' theatres, agora, and acropolis.

The city was once decorated with roman theatres, paved roads, iconic temples, several sculptures, and much more. Now all that’s left of Xanthos is the Hellenistic city gate and the mosaic floors. You can take a stroll through the streets or watch the sunset from the top of the ruins of Xanthos.

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Wrapping Up!

Fethiye is one of the most beautiful beach towns you can visit in the world. It is one of the most visited places in Turkey and for a good reason. Fethiye offers you the best ambience for relaxing in nature while you can learn about the histories of the palace. You can also choose to relax n the beaches of Fethiye while you watch a beautiful sunset on the Mediterranean.

If you are looking for places to stay in Fethiye, Turkey Private Pool Villas has the best places for you to relax during your vacation. We offer the most luxurious experience for your vacation with the best services and best food. Contact us now to book your accommodations at Fethiye.

Best Tourist Attractions in Fethiye

  • Fethiye Old Town
  • Fethiye Rock Tombs
  • Fethiye Boat Tour
  • Beaches in Fethiye
  • Local Markets of Fethiye
  • Ölüdeniz Beaches
  • Kayaköy
  • ŞehitFethi Bey Park
  • The Fethiye Fountains
  • The Fethiye Museum
  • Umbrella Street
  • Pinara
  • Letoön
  • Xanthos