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Dalyan - A Beautiful Mughal Province

Turkey is one of the most beautiful places in the world for a relaxing vacation. Although the tourism capital of Turkey in Antalya, Dalyan is one of the most popular places in Turkey. Tourism in Dalyan is a gem experience with a relaxing environment and the best sightseeing locations. Additionally, Dalyan has one of the oldest beach towns in Turkey and has several beaches that stretch the Mediterranean sea. Besides the beautiful beaches and tourist attractions, Dalyan is also full of several rare plants and animals that make the trip more interesting.

Dalyan is an interesting landscape that is protected against the wind on all sides as it is surrounded by mountains. While the summers are warm and dry, the winter months are warm and rainy. If you are visiting Dalyan for the beaches, the best time for you to go is April to November. Moreover, the landscape of Dalyan allows the development of adventure sports like paragliding that attracts more tourists to the old fishing town. The name DALYAN originated from the term fish trap which is because it used to be an old fishing village on the Turkey coast.

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Dalyan is a beautiful piece of land where the green meets the blue. The calmness of the place remains intact even in the winter season and provides the tourists with the best escape plan from their tedious regular life. Dalyan welcomes all tourists looking for a sanctuary all year long to recharge before they can go back to their crowded life.

Dalyan is one of the best vacation spots for a short break or a weekend trip. If you are looking for comfortable accommodations in Dalyan, visit us at Turkey Pool Villa for the most relaxing experience for your vacation. Enjoy the best hospitality and cuisines while you enjoy the ambiance of Turkey and Dalyan.

Here are some of the best places you can visit in Dalyan:

Best beaches in Dalyan

Iztuzu Beach Iztuzu is a natural wonder and one of the best beaches in Turkey and the world. Iztuzu is a 5.4 kilometer long stretch of beach that is a very habitat of the Long Head Sea turtles. The sandy beach is the laying ground for the long head turtles and the central part has two facilities that take care of the beach. The best time to visit the Iztuzu beach is at night as it is the time when the turtles come to lay eggs and is a sight to watch. The beach is equipped with several buffets, buffet cabins, toilets, and health centers that can meet all the emergency requirements and food for all the guests.

Dalyanagzi Beach

Moving ahead of the Dalyan pier, it takes around 40 minutes to reach the Dalyanagzi beach. One of the main things to see at the beach is the separation of the freshwater and saltwater of the Mediterranean. The area is surrounded by several tourist locations and places like Fethiye, Bodrum, etc. Dalyanagzi beach can get very crowded, but if you want to avoid the crowd, take a few steps from the longers and you will see the crowd thinning.

The coast on Dalyanagzi beach is very shallow for the first 40-50 steps, after that the water gets pretty deep and can get very wavy in the early evenings. You can choose to sunbathe or take a swim in the Mediterranean and enjoy a relaxing day at Dalyanagzi. Another thing you can do is take a boat ride to the various other locations in Dalyan.

Asi Beach

Asi is an untouched beach from the Mughal empire. The cove is 20 meters deep and is an amazing place for divers. One of the bonuses you can find at Asi beach is the Long head turtles. Since they are located on the beach, you can also find some fish in the cove.

The Asi beach is located in the Ortaca Mughal and is situated between Iztuzu and Sarigerme. The beach covers an area of 10 hectares and s around 20 kilometers from Dalyan. One of the easiest ways to reach Asi is by road from Dalyan. Moreover, there are boat trips to Asi from Dalyan that can give you a magnificent view of the coastline.

Ekincik Beach

The village of Ekincik is located on the Mediterranean coast. It s one of the most convenient ways to water surf, water ski, and swim. Ekincik is a long beach attached to a yacht bay for you to relax. If you are interested, you can also take a boat ride and enjoy the Mediterranean breeze.

One of the main reasons to visit the Ekincik beach is the beautiful sea view and lush green nature that allows the tourists to spend their time in the quiet. The only convenience that you need when visiting Ekincik beach is proper transportation. The place is pure magic for the lovers of the sea.

Bacardi Cove

Bacardi Cove is also known as the Kara Saleih by the local people. Officially Kargicak enters the sea without being interrupted by Dalyan, it is one of the most undisturbed places for tourists to sunbathe. Since there is no pathway to the place, tourists need to walk their way to the cove. It is a peaceful place for tourists to take a swim, sunbathe, or relaxingly watch a sunset when in Dalyan.

Places to Visit in Dalyan

Caunos Ancient City

The ancient rock tombs are one of the most known tourist attractions in Dalyan, but no one knows the history behind those tombs. The ancient city of Caunos was named after a legend who left his city and his sister to build his own kingdom. The city is a 10-minute boat ride away from Dalyan and includes a long list of UNESCO World Heritage sites that include the rock tombs, the theater of 5 thousand people, the basilica, the bath, the agora, and the Temple of Demeter.

The place has a rich history and is an exciting place for tourists to spend the day. You can explore the city and enjoy a cup of coffee at the nearby cafes while watching the beautiful sunset in the evening.


Akkaya is one of the most exciting places to visit in Dalyan. The place is called the pearl of Gokova bay and is decorated with white beaches. Although the beaches are beautiful, Akkaya is not limited to them. Another attraction is the Akyaka stream that passes through. The water of the stream is always at 8 degrees and is a beautiful place for tourists to take a swim or a boat ride. It is part of the Cittaslow movement and is one of the favorite places for tourists visiting Dalyan.


For adventure lovers visiting Dalya, Paragliding is one of the best things they can do in Dalyan. If you are looking for an adrenaline rush, visit the Babadag mountains and take your paragliding experience. Tourists can take off from the mountain and take a flight to the Oludeniz beach or the Blue Lagoon in Oludeniz. Your guide during the ride will take you on a 20 minute trip over the bay and several tourist attractions before landing on the beautiful stretch of the Oludeniz beach.


DEKAMER is one of the must-visit places in Dalyan. It is the Sea Turtle Research and Rehabilitation center and is known for its groundbreaking work in the conservation of Caretta Caretta (Loggerhead Sea Turtles). The rehabilitation center was built to honor Kaptan June and you can also visit her hut nearby to learn more about her and her actions to save the turtles. In the late 1980s, Kaptan June led a campaign to protect the Iztuzu beach and its nesting turtles by preventing hotel development in the area.

Private Boat Trips

While the city boat taxis can take you to and from the beach, there are several private boat trips you can take in Dalyan. If you do not like the crowd and want to explore Dalyan, a private boat trip can provide you with the experience. You can enjoy a relaxing time moving along the river or move to the lake. There are several small braces of the river that you can explore as part of an off-beat tourism plan. The boat trip ends at the beach or the cove where you can relax before going back to Dalyan.

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Wrapping Up!

Dalyan is an excellent palace for tourists who are interested in history, nature, or relaxation. While it is one of the best places to visit in Turkey, Dalyan is famous for its beaches and Loggerhead turtle nestings. Another interesting thing about the surroundings of Dalyan is the lake and the Mediterranean sea that keep the palace cool.

If you are looking for the best accommodations in Dalyan, look for Turkey Pool Villas. We offer a range of accommodation options for our guests for the best and comfortable services. Moreover, we offer the best hospitality services and cuisines. If you are expecting to relax on your trip to Turkey, visit our website today and book your room now.