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Rent Private Turkey Pool Villa

Retreat into the lush mountains of Turkey Oludeniz. Take from its treasure what beauty can offer and its earth which bears its natural organic food. Now you can rent your own villa with private swimming pool and enjoy what nature has to offer in Turkey.

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Food market for real organic fresh fruit and vegetables - Fethiye Market

If you want to get access to a wide choice of fruit and vegetables then Fethiye has a huge market which will not disappoint you. You can get your hands on very good quality organic food at very low prices. From exotic fruits to vegetables and a wide choice of spices you can get all at the Fethiya market. There are many superstores and food shops around the villa but the Fethiye market is more like a farmers market which we villagers bring their produce to sell. Its such an experience since you get to meet the people who have grown the fruit or veg.

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