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How to buy a second home in turkey

In the 1990s, people overlooked turkey and did not consider it as a buying property. Nowadays, it is one of the most searched places for buying a second home or property for later life. With the ancient history of Greeks, Romans, Byzantine, and Arabic people from all around the globe are opting to have their second house in turkey. Another reason for the hue in buying property is due to its pleasant and moderate climate. The winters are mild, and the summers are hot with the scenic beauty of turquoise water and dramatic scenery.

The low cost of living in turkey is also another reason that you must opt for a second home in this place. Even the societies are helpful and give and a warm welcome to their neighbors. Currently, there is an upward trend in the price of property in the coastal regions. The cost of property and land is way too low than Spain, and therefore, turkey is an optimum place to invest. If you are looking forward to buying a property in turkey, consider this article as the perfect guide for the entire process. From this article, you will have an ideal piece of knowledge of the buying process systematically.

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Why Should You Buy Property In Turkey?

Turkey is one of the leading grounds for foreign investors, who are constantly buying properties and thus enhancing the market value of the entire nation. Within a decade, the turkey will be the best option for several marketing purposes. If you invest here, you are bound to have a significant return after few years. As turkey is also renowned for its scenic beauty and ancient history, it attracts visitors across the globe.

Foreign investors have built up their property and give them as rental homes. The market stats show that they already collected more than half of their investment within a couple of years. Most individuals buy property for renting, renovating, and also as holiday accommodation. Therefore, investing here is a win situation. Are you planning to stay in turkey in the later part of your life? Living there would be easy as it has a low cost of living. It would help if you opted for citizenship.

Foreigners can purchase a property to build a housing complex, workplace, or just as land and fields. They need to inform the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization with details of their construction. As investors, individuals need to comply with some set of rules and norms. Here are some benefits of buying or investing in properties in turkey:

Citizenship and Residency

Turkey has a unique set of rules for foreign investors planning to buy or invest in properties. The government eases up the norms of citizenship and residency for the investors, and therefore, it makes it easy for investors to apply for citizenship. Investors who are investing in immovable properties get the utmost benefits from the government. These individuals can file for their residency, and government authorities clear it at a short interval. The Turkish government charges only $250 thousand, and investors need to hold the property for a minimum of 3 years.


The US and EU citizens know the cost of living in their respective countries and the expense of investing or buying a property. In the US and the EU, the market stats show that though buying properties are reasonable, but the colossal amount of tax, the cost of renovation adds up a considerable price. Compared to the property price, tax, and renovation fee for properties in turkey, the EU, and US properties are gigantic. People staying in the US and EU can easily manage to spend their life in turkey.


Another crucial reason for investing in properties in turkey is due to its flexible ownership norms. The government provides a full ownership policy for their citizens and new investors, giving the owners the power to control their assets. Here, the government does not charge for households, and therefore freehold ownership is available. Having this power, property owners can curve their property the way they like. They can renovate according to their will, even sell but not within 3 years of buying the property.

Cost of Living

Suppose you compare the cost of living in any European country with turkey. In that case, it is cheaper as the cost of living depends upon transportation costs, electricity bills, groceries, regular expenses, and gas. All these prospective cost less in turkey. From the above context, you have seen that the cost of renovating properties is massive in the EU and US; in turkey, this sector also costs way less.

Essential Guides before Buying Properties in Turkey

After you decide to buy properties in turkey, you must also have proper knowledge of the basic steps. As there is an increase in the buying process, there are several mediums or agents. If you carry out research, you can get the best properties at an affordable price.

You only need to follow these steps:

Research - The foremost thing investors need to keep in mind is conducting thorough research on the market. As markets in turkey are enhancing, thousands of real estate agents are selling properties at different rates. Understand the market and all the availabilities that are near your property before finalizing. With proper research, you can unlock the land's full potential and thus get a colossal return.

Agent - When you like a property, the next step is to find an agent. There are different websites from where investors and have precise details of real estate agents and their policies. It also includes their commission charge, and only after comparing meticulously connects with them.

Discussing - Connect with the agent and discuss with them the benefits and also their norms. As they are a real estate agent and are in this country for years, they also know some best places. Try building a good rapport with them so that they can give you the best deals. Discussing the ground report with agents shows them about your knowledge, and thus they cannot misguide you.

Visit - Experts and officials always recommend visiting turkey at least once before buying properties. Visiting the site you are opting to buy will give you an upper hand in understanding the value. The value or cost of the property depends on topography, facilities nearby, societies, roads, and the availability of transport from that specific region.

Site Inspection - Inspecting the site is also a practical and wise step that you must consider. Connect with your agency, and they will schedule an inspection trip to your property. In this process, investors also need to check all the paper works for the respective sites. Sometimes there are small or negligible faults in the report due to which the value of the property comes down, but you should not invest in those properties. As these properties have faulty paper works in the later period, the price may come down even below the buying price. Thus, you will acquire a considerable loss.

Negotiation - One of the essential processes before buying an investment villa or a retirement home is negotiation. This process helps to carve out the best possible price. Negotiations are based on several factors. There are no real estate agents who are incurring a loss to provide you a property. But, individuals must not also stick with a baseless price. Provide your best price after inspecting all the crucial aspects.

Reservation - In this process, buyers offer a reservation price of the property and fix the price according to the deal. The reservation price in turkey is approximately $1500. Remember that if you reserve the property with the token amount and still do not buy the property, this amount is non-refundable. But if you buy the property, the reservation amount is deducted from the dealing price. In turkey, the real estate agents offer this norm, but if you find agents who do not confirm this criterion, do not carry forward.

Appointing a Solicitor - The most straightforward way of completing the buying process is by appointing a solicitor and making them a power of attorney. It helps you to save time and also minimize the trifles. You need not stay back in the country during the entire buying process. The solicitor completes each function on your behalf, and therefore, you can focus on your daily life and business.

Final Check - One of the most critical steps in buying a property helps you to remind and clarify all the crucial aspects of the entire buying process. During the final check of the property, take a close look at the papers and all the necessary details.

Take title deed - Also known as Turkish TAPU, is the final step of buying the property. The real estate agent hands over this deed and completes the final process. After both the parties solve all the necessities, the paper is handed to the owner, and thus the individuals can register the property in their name.

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