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Know The Roman Theatres in Fethiye, Turkey.

Turkey, the globally famous tourist destination, is located at the borders of the Asian and European continents. The ancient Islamic land maintains the essence of traditional oriental values and modern oxidant culture beautifully. The country preserves its diverse religious presence with utmost respect and love. Thousands of visitors from different parts of the world visit the country and enjoy a memorable holiday in the heritage land during various times of the year. Turkey looks beautiful in all the seasonal attires. Globe trotters consider winter to be the most favorable season to spend an enjoyable vacation in the country.

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Turkey enjoys natural beauty in abundance. Both native and foreign tourists get amazed by the glorious sights of blue mountain ranges, exotic green valleys, vast sea beaches, and beautiful countryside villages in the same land. The country is notable for the large number of mosques located in different corners. Historians and archaeologists have found various historical sites in the country. One such age-old architectural splendor in Turkey is the Roman Theatre. The blog intends to have a detailed discussion on the historical significance of the Roman Theatre located in Fethiye.

However, the city life in Turkey is a complete contrast to the serene and calm view. City life is colorful and vibrant in Turkey. Graceful performance of the belly dancers in the nightclubs and pubs fill the tourists’ mind with joy and thrill. Breakfast is the main meal in Turkish cuisine. Tourists get delighted with the Turkish breakfast dishes. There are numerous attraction points in Turkey to entertain tourists. Turkey is a more budget-friendly holiday destination, compared to the other European countries. The country is a beautiful fusion of Asia and Europe.

The blog aims to offer the readers a detailed view of the ancient Roman Theatre located in Fethiye. The theatre lies in the center of the town. Telmessos Theatre is another name of Roman Theatre, the name being derived from the city name, popular in the Classical era.

Rich History of Roman Theatre, Fethiye

Fethiye Roman theatre stands in close proximity to the main road that goes along the Fethiye Harbour. The semi-circular-shaped theatre had been built on a hillside. Occasionally referred to as the amphitheater, Roman Theatre was built in Classic Greek style. The origin of the theatre dates back to the 2nd Century BC after the town became a part of the Roman Asia minor dominion. The theatre ground could hold 5-6 thousand spectators at a time. In the Roman Period, around the 2nd Century AD, a new stage building was built. The theatre was in function till the 7th Century. Back in ancient times, the theatre had sealed the Roman authority in the middle-east. When the Romans won over Turkey, the Roman authority allowed a free-minded Lycians rule. The Roman rulers also left their mark in the Lycian cities. The theatre used to be a renowned destination in Turkey. The top tier of the theatre offers a beautiful view of the entire town and the vast sight of the sea beyond. At present, the theatre is in ruins.

The Roman Theatre was excavated by the Archaeology Museum in 1993. The archaeologists restored the cave and the stage. The seating capacity of 6000 spectators of the amphitheater symbolizes the supreme Roman power that had its rule over Turkey. The tourists can see the stairs and walls surrounding the theatre ground.

The Unfortunate Destruction of Roman Theatre

An earthquake destroyed the Roman Theatre in 1957. After the severe damage, residents removed the pieces of the marvelous architecture to use for rebuilding purposes. In the 1990s, after the archaeologists excavated the site, the historic ground remained in a poor condition. The theatre has suffered from negligence for years. Currently, the theatre is under a serious

restoration process. After the restoration process will be over, the theatre ground will happen to conduct open-air performances, just like the ancient times. Tourists go to witness the remnants of the ancient Roman amphitheater. Right now, the visitors are not allowed to see the theatre due to the ongoing restoration process. You can view the site from the main road. You can have a complete view of the theatre ground by roaming around the perimeter.

A Few Important Details about Roman Theatre

  • Location: Fethiye (along the Fethiye Harbour)
  • Opening Timing: 24 hours
  • Preferable Visiting Time: Till 4:00 PM
  • More Crowded Days: Mon, Wed, and Sat
  • Time Duration: 30 Minutes to 1 Hour

The Roman theatre is one of the most significant itinerary tourist destinations to visit in Fethiye. A visit to the Roman Theatre takes the tourists back to the bygone era with its architectural remnants and ancient vibes.The site draws the attention of history enthusiasts and archaeologists

the most. There is a beautiful park located opposite the theatre ground. The park is a relaxing ground for the tourists during the break.

The Nearby Tourists Destinations

After a visit to the Roman Theatre, if you feel to explore the nearby destinations located in corners of Fethiye, you may pay a visit to the following places,

Fethiye Museum

Give a visit to the Fethiye Museum and learn more about Lycian history. You will get a clearer idea about the history of Roman Theatre. You will see a beautiful collection of pottery, jewelry, and other artifacts of the contemporary era.


You will see the ruins of Pinara town at the southeast of Fethiye, rich with rock tombs and monolithic house tombs. The Lycian site is lesser crowded than the other tourist places in Fethiye.


The tourists can visit the UNESCO-protected ruin of Letoön – a temple ground with three temples dedicated to Leto and her twin children Apollo and Artemis.

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To conclude

The blog has focused on the Ancient Roman Theatre located in Fethiye. If you are interested in visiting historical sites, the ancient city of Fethiye in Turkey is a must-see. The tourists must book the Turkey Pool Villa to enjoy a pleasant and comfortable vacation in a foreign country. After a day's adventure, the pool villa refreshes the mind with its beautiful ambiance and best-quality services. The hospitality in the Turkey Pool Villa rejoices the tourists' minds.