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Shopping in Local Markets in Turkey

The land of Turkey stands at the border points of the Asian and European continents. The middle-eastern country is a delightful tourist hub for visitors across the globe. The ancient Islamic land preserves the mixed essence of traditional oriental values and modern European culture. Turkey is more budget-friendly as a holiday destination compared to western European countries. Turkey is a perfect vacation spot for, from newly-wed couples to families and friends. Millions of tourists all across the globe come to spend an enjoyable vacation in the fascinating land. Turkey looks scenic throughout the year in different ways.

Turkey is replete with various attraction points. From the serene natural beauty to lush green valleys to blue mountain ranges to the expansive sea beaches, every corner of Turkey is filled with beauty. The abundance of mosques and historical sites add profound religious and classical vibes to land. The dazzling city life makes a beautiful contrast with the calm and pristine countryside. Turkish cuisine has a special place in the international food culture. According to Turkish tradition, breakfast is the main meal of the day. Another major attraction of Turkey is the local shops and markets that have special significance to tourists and locals. The ancient bazaars of Turkey sell authentic and traditional clothes, shoes, pieces of jewelry, species, Turkish food items, Turkish coffee and tea, and souvenirs. Turkey is often referred to as a “shopper’s paradise’. The best places that the tourists can find are the ancient artisan shops in the smaller lanes.

Turkey works as the trading capital, for being located between the two largest continents in the world. The country places over 4000 shops in the oldest bazaar, with the largest shopping mall in entire Europe, spreading over an area of 1,76,000 sq. km. The land is the ideal destination to showcase the traditional arts and handicrafts and the modern fashion culture.The blog will interest the shopaholics the most as we will list down the best shopping places located in different parts of Turkey, especially in the capital city of Istanbul

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Grand Bazaar (Istanbul)

Grand Bazaar is one of the best shopping places in Istanbul. The origin of one of the largest markets in Turkey dates back to 1455. The bazaar presents a wide range of items with various price ranges to the customers. The market ambiance takes the tourists back to the bygone era with its antique collections. Things to buy: Ceramics, Jewellery, Carpets, showpieces

Contemporary Istanbul

Forum Camlik is a unique kind of shopping destination in Turkey. Visitors buy different ranges of souvenirs from the shops. The town is famous as the 'spa town' being enriched with thermal springs. Tourists from different corners of the world come to enjoy the best spa therapy in this town. Buldan is one of the best shops located here. The place is famous for Turkish grapes. Things to buy: Leather items, precious stones,

Forum Camlik (Pamukkale)

Forum Camlik is a unique kind of shopping destination in Turkey. Visitors buy different ranges of souvenirs from the shops. The town is famous as the 'spa town' being enriched with thermal springs. Tourists from different corners of the world come to enjoy the best spa therapy in this town. Buldan is one of the best shops located here. The place is famous for Turkish grapes.

Things to buy:Leather items, precious stones, ceramic products

Badgat Street (Istanbul)

Badgat is one of the most beautiful shopping centers in Istanbul. The shopping place is often compared to Champs-Elesees in Paris and 5th Avenue in New York.

The long wide street has shopping malls on both sides, along with departmental stores and boutiques. The market interests the customers with its collection of branded products imported from different corners of the world. The tourists enjoy visiting the stalls while having some mouth-watering snacks. Things to buy: Jewellery, Glassware

ANKAmall (Ankara)

The mall spreads over an area of 1,76,000 square kilometers of ground. The mall is synonymous with the shopping center of Turkey. The mall is the largest one in Ankara. With high shopping and entertainment vibes, the mall competes with the best malls in Istanbul. The mall sells branded products of around 350 reputed national and international companies.

Places to shop: Armine, Zara, Koctas, Karpinski

Oscar Bazaar (Kemer)

Kemer is a beautiful coastal town located on the southern Mediterranean coast. The bazaar stands in the city center. Oscar bazaar remains crowded all the time, with both locals and tourists. The shopping hub is famous for selling dry fruits to handcraft items made by local women.

Things to buy:Dry fruits, needlework, textiles, accessories

Arasta Bazaar (Istanbul)

Arasta Bazaar lies in the Blue Mosque Complex. The place is a perfect one for shopaholics and adventurers. The open-air bazaar sells different types of handmade items and ceramic items. A cup of Turkish coffee is a must to have in this place for tourists.

Things to buy: Ceramics, carpets, handmade rugs, mosaic tiles

Places to shop: By Moses, Troy Rug Store, Jennifer’s Hamam

Terra City (Antalya)

The city of Antalya, located in the coastal region of Turkey, attracts a large number of tourists with Terra City. The place is one of the most popular shopping hubs in Antalya. The market has nearly 200 brand stores selling different branded items from Turkey.

Things to buy: Especially clothes

Places to shop: Ekol, Derimod, Haribo, Bershka

Cukurcuma (Istanbul)

Cukurcuma is most famous for its antique item collections at affordable rates. The place is a beautiful blend of souvenir stores and flea markets. Often tourists spend a whole day in the market area while visiting the neo-classical heritage buildings and shopping.

Things to buy: baroque furniture, ceramics, paintings, textiles, clothing, old books collections, glassware, tea sets, candlesticks

Places to shop: D Art and Design, Firuze, Anadol Antik, Leyla Seyhanli, Levanten

Istiklal Caddesi (Istanbul)

The Istiklal Avenue is a perfect blend of ancient and contemporary Turkey. The Gothic Ottoman buildings on the side of the streets give a feel of the bygone era, whereas the biggest brand stores reflect the modern culture. A fascinating experience here is to watch the red trams running along the streets.

Things to buy: Atlas Arcade, Cicek Pasji, Saray Muhallebicisi

Egyptian Spice Bazaar (Istanbul)

The Ottomans built the Egyptian Spice Bazaar in Istanbul back in the 17th Century. The bazaar is undoubtedly a perfect place for food lovers. Around 100 shops here sell spices, dry fruits, nuts, herb tea, Turkish food items, local desserts, etc. Here, the tourists can enjoy the taste of authentic Turkish food delicacy. You can buy high-quality and hygienic pomegranate molasses and various types of Turkish honey. Morning is the best time to visit the market, as it gets crowded from noontime.

Things to buy: Handmade wooden kitchenware, textiles, tableware, basketry, species, coffee, tea leaves, honey

Ali Muhiddin Hacı Bekir (Istanbul)

After the Egyptian Spice Bazaar, another most exciting destination for food lovers is Ali Muhiddin Hacı Bekir. The market is replete with various confectionary stores and dessert shops. Here, you can enjoy many authentic Turkish sweet dishes and buy some for your family and friends back home as well. The sweet makers, here, are in business since the late 18th Century. Different types of lokums with rosewater, pistachio, pomegranate flavors are available here. You can also taste sugar-coated almonds and tahini here.

Tahtakale Caddesi (Istanbul)

Tahtakale Caddesi is a great shopping place for tourists to watch the daily shopping scenes in Turkey and buy some cheap regular kitchenware. Here, you will also handmade wooden spoons, mortars, rolling pins, fine souvenirs, etc.

Galata (Istanbul)

The tourists can visit the Galata market around the Galata Tower. The market houses small boutique stores. Here, you will see the genuine street fashion culture. There are some nice cafes in the area where both the locals and the tourists enjoy having some coffee and fresh cakes. The market sells apparel designed by the local young designers of Istanbul.

Things to buy: Fashionable clothes, accessories, handicrafts

Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi (Istanbul)

The place is a must-visit for the coffee lover. You can learn to make Turkish coffee here. The brand is Turkey's most popular coffee producer. The tourists can buy coffee packets from the shop and gift their friends.

Things to buy: Cafetieres, Expresso makers, filter coffee pots

Beyazit Book Bazaar (Istanbul)

Last but not least, here is the book market of Istanbul. The market sells with old maps, second-hand books with rare titles. The bazaar is a heaven on earth to the bookworms. Presently all sorts of books, from university books to religious texts, are available in the market.

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To conclude, we must say the bazaars and markets add a vibrant aura to the soul of Turkey. The tourists can book the Turkey Pool Villa to spend their vacation time in the country. After the day's tiring venture, Turkey Pool Villa is the perfect place to serve you comfort and pleasure.