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A Summer Trip to Ölüdeniz, Turkey

Turkey, the land of history and beauty, stands close to the boundaries of the Asian and European continents. The middle-east country is a fascinating tourist destination to visitors across the globe for its beauty and richness. The ancient land protects the essence of traditional values and modern western culture with utmost love and respect. Millions of foreign travelers come and spend a delightful vacation in this foreign land. The country is welcoming to tourists in all seasons. Tourists can visit specific places in Turkey based on the season.

The blog aims to discuss the places best suited for a trip in Ölüdeniz, Turkey, during the summer months. Turkey boasts of its numerous attraction points. Tourists get amazed by the natural richness of the country. The sights of the lush green valleys to the tall mountain ranges to the enormous sea beaches, and the scenic countryside villages delight the visitors. The land houses rich biodiversity. On the other side, the vibrant city life in Turkey creates a striking contrast against the calm and serene natural beauty. City life in Turkey seems captivating after sunset. Tourists get mesmerized by the skilled and graceful performances of the belly dancers at the pubs and nightclubs.

Turkish cuisine has a special place in the international food culture. Breakfast is the main meal of the day in Turkish tradition. Therefore, breakfast is wholesome and rich in nutrients. The ancient bazaars located in the narrow lanes of the cities are famous for selling traditional clothes and pieces of jewelry, handcrafted ceramics and souvenirs, spices and authentic local dishes, and many more. The abundance of mosques and historical sites in different corners of the country add a classic, royal vibe to the land.

The blog will discuss the tourist attractions that must be there on the visit list on a summer visit to Turkey. Beaches are the initial attraction points when it comes to spending a summer vacation in Turkey. Then, there are the countryside villages that come, replete with pristine beauty and tranquillity. The scenic beauty of Turkey never fails to impress its visitors.

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An Overview of Ölüdeniz

Ölüdeniz is a beautiful beach resort situated at Fethiye district on the southwestern coast of Turkey. The term Ölüdeniz means dead sea. It is one of the major attraction points in the country, located along the stretch of the coastal region. The Turquoise coast of Ölüdeniz is dedicated to the summer fun on beaches. The province is one of the best spots to enjoy tandem paragliding with tourists and locals. The tourists can explore the attraction points beyond the beach region.

Ölüdeniz Beach and Lagoon

The lush green pine forests create an enthralling view as the backdrop of the beach region. The beach meanders its ways along a jutting spit, which makes a lagoon at the northern edge. A large number of tourists enter the beach to enjoy a relaxing sunbathe and swim in the shallow coastal water.

Ölüdeniz means dead sea that indicates the lagoon water because it is saltier than the bay water. The tourists can feel the extra bounce while swimming in the lagoon water. The central beach area is a long strand of sand surrounded by a cluster of cafés and food courts. The stretched sand area touches the northern spit and passes over the Mediterranean Sea and the lagoon. The beach has officially been declared a section of the Ölüdeniz National Park. The tourists have to pay a nominal entrance charge to enter the beach region.

Ferry Ride at Butterfly Valley

The boat ride is a refreshing experience to the Butterfly valley during the summer months. The cool breeze and scenic natural beauty fill the mind with delight and joy. The lush green valley looks marvelous, embraced by the cliffs of seven capes.

You can reach this sea beach in two ways, through hiking or by sea. Unless one is an experienced and expert hike, it is risky enough to cross the steep parts of the valley. Tourists come to the butterfly valley to stroll around a bit and enjoy the scenery. Several trails are meandering their ways through the valley. One of the trails heads towards a waterfall. You will spot the Jersey Tiger Butterflies flying around. The name of the valley has been derived from these butterflies only. The months between May and October are ideal for enjoying shuttle boat rides from the beach to the valley.

Tandem Paragliding

Tandem paragliding at Ölüdeniz is one of the most sought activities among the tourists. Local operators arrange tandem paragliding tours for the visitors two times a day, between May and October. The adventurous ride offers the tourists mind-blowing views and raw natural vibes.

If the riders feel comfortable enough, the guide may seek permission to show some tricks at the descent. The riders can feel free to say no if they do not like the idea. The gliders land on the beach and go swimming in the seawater directly.


Kayaköy is an ancient village located 9 kilometers west of the beach. It nearly takes half a day to complete a visit to the hamlet. The old site is now in ruins. The hillside village still has stone houses and remains of churches scattered at places. Like the other Ottoman Greek villages, the residents of this village were driven away to Greece in the early 1920s. The tourists can roam around the dilapidated houses and church ruins and hike along the steep contours.

Two churches located amidst the ruins are in a comparatively better state – Taxiarkis Church and Kataponagia Church.

The present residential village lies on the plain land down the hillside. Vast agricultural lands lie all around the hamlet. There are some cafés and restaurants located around for the tourists.

Saklıkent Gorge

Saklıkent Gorge is one of the major attractions on one's Ölüdeniz trip during the summer months. The gorge is a magnetic treat in the scorching summer heat. You can see the high canyon walls rising to the height of 200 meters.

A wooden boardwalk along the walls enables the tourists to enter the depth of the gorge. You can enjoy the soothing view of the crystal-clear, blue water beneath. The interested tourists can cross the river to explore the natural site more. There is a small café at the edge of the boardwalk. If you want to enjoy the scenic view from this point, you can enjoy some snacks and tea from the café while relishing the natural beauty.

Boat Tours

The boats' operators are in a complete rush during the summer months and offer tourists boat journeys from the Ölüdeniz jetty. You can enjoy a sunbath, coastal view while being on the cruise journey. The tourists can enjoy private tours or shared tours. If you are a peace lover, you should book a private cruise and enjoy the ride your way. The boats usually halt at Butterfly Valley, Aquarium Bay, and St. Nicholas Island.


Letoön is an ancient cult site of Lycia town. The site has been enlisted as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The site houses three temples dedicated to the Greek Goddess Leto and her two children Apollo and Artemis. Leto used to be the presiding deity of Lycia. You may include the site in your historical tour to Ölüdeniz.

An Evening in Fethiye

The tourists can enjoy some quality time in Fethiye in the evening. There are ancient Roman Theatre, Fethiye Museum, Crusader Castle, Tomb of Amyntos located in the district, as the major tourist attractions.

You can take a stroll around the town area to enjoy the afternoon and evening. The fish market in the province is a must-visit place to enjoy some lip-smacking snacks.

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To conclude

The blog has focused on the sites and activities in Ölüdeniz tourists must visit and experience during the summer months. The information will help the visitors who are planning to enjoy their summer vacation in the township of Turkey. On a visit to Turkey, the tourists must book the Turkey Pool Villa and secure an enjoyable stay in the foreign land. The warm behavior and hospitable approach of the staff satisfy the mind and the soul to the fullest.