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The Best Beaches in Oludeniz and the Famous Blue Lagoon of Turkey

Oludeniz is broadly known for the several awesome beaches it has. It is often referred to as the beach capital of Turkey for the number of beautiful beaches and coves the place has. Besides the beautiful beaches, Oludeniz is also famous for the Blue Lagoon. It is one of the most beautiful places in the area and is protected as a national treasure.

Besides the beautiful beaches and landscape of the area, Oludeniz has also been known as the only place in Turkey for Paragliding. The experience of flying over the valley and the beaches and landing at the blue lagoon is one of the most cherished vacation experiences some can have.

But we are here to talk about the beautiful beaches of Oludeniz and how you can spend your vacation relaxing on the Mediterranean Sea Beach and get a tan. Here is a list of all the best private and public beaches in Oludeniz:

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Sugar Beach Club

Sugar Beach Club is located near the Blue Lagoon and is the first private beach you will come across in the area. It is one of the most popular beaches and is open all year long. If you are looking for a hippie experience with coloured furniture and chill tunes on a fairly sandy beach, Sugar Beach is the best place for you to be. Although there is no entrance fee to the place, you have to pay for the lounger and the umbrella. The restaurant at the beach serves a wide range of Mediterranean food, cocktails, and other beverages. There are a few wooden bungalows if you are looking to spend the night. As the water is shallow at the beach, it is the most ideal for the children to be safe too.

Seashore Beach Club

The Seashore Beach Club is one of the most luxurious beach resorts in Oludeniz. They charge a minimum entrance fee, but it includes the lounge and the umbrella fees. Moreover, there are ten rooms at the beach to accommodate guests who would like to stay over; the restaurant at the beach serves the best English Breakfast and steak dinners.

Billy’s Beach

With modern restaurants and bars looking over the stretch of the Mediterranean, Billy’s Beach is the most popular beach amongst the young visitors of Oludeniz. The beach is calm and peaceful, where you can enjoy your delicacies. The restaurants offer the best burgers, coffee, and pizzas in the place and are also popular for regular BBQ nights and entertainment.

Paradise Beach

Paradise beach is a small and cosy beach on the Oludeniz coastline. Found towards the centre of the lagoon, the beach has the best food and hospitality that Turkey can offer. The bars at the beach serve the most delicious cocktails, and the shallow water is perfect for kids to enjoy while being safe. The beach also has a beachside A La Carte frill and meals in the evening that bring in lots of guests.

Belcekiz Beach

Belcekiz Beach is one of the best public beaches in Oludeniz. Once you get there, you can take a stroll on the seaside, barefoot on the sand, or you will find yourself sipping on a cocktail watching the paragliders doing their students and landing on the sandy strips of the Mediterranean.

There are rows of sun loungers on the beach for you to relax while you watch the sunset of the waves crash on the shore. The sea on the Belcekiz beach has an extremely steep shelf, so it is important for you to watch out for your kids when they are running around.

The beach is backed with a large walkway for the paragliders to land. Be sure to watch out for paragliders when you cross the walkway to avoid being kicked by para-boots.

Kidrak Beach

When you start moving from Oludeniz to Faralya, the first beach that you come across is the Kidrak beach. It is one of the quietest beaches on the Mediterranean coast and is also not as commercialized as the others. Kidrak beach is protected with a small entry fee at the gate and is surrounded by a wide line of pine trees and a forest area on the backdrop for the guests to rest in the shade. Although you might find shade at the beach, the main beach is exposed, so it is advised that you carry your sunscreen.

Kidrak is unexpectedly unspoiled by tourism, given it is situated only five minutes from the Oludeniz village. Moreover, the busses from Oludeniz to Fethiye pass the route, making it one of the most visible tourist beaches in Oludeniz.

Butterfly Valley

Butterfly Valley is a bay on the Mediterranean coast only accessible by boats. The place is surrounded by a high cliff of 250 meters and is totally protected from the outside world. There are lots of beautiful butterflies, plants, and loggerhead Turtles in the Butterfly valley for you to see. The Butterfly Valley is one of the best places in Oludeniz and is worth a visit.

The Blue Lagoon of Oludeniz

The Blue Lagoon or Kumburnu (as it is known locally) is the most popular palace to visit in Oludeniz. The Blue Lagoon of Oludeniz is the jewel of the coastal image of Turkey and is one of the most beautiful places in the continent of Europe.

Separated from the main beaches by a small sand bar and a narrow channel, the lagoon takes you to the shallow waters. At the lagoon, you can immerse yourself into a swim, paddle along the shoreline, and swim to the tiny islands at the mouth of the blue lagoon.

Since no boats are allowed to preserve nature, you can use a paddleboat to explore the rocky shores of the lagoon or go snorkelling to find the tiny fish in the water. Moreover, there are several campsites near the lagoon where you can relax and enjoy Turkish food, henna tattoos, massage, and other amusements.

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Wrapping Up!

Oludeniz is one of the best places you would like to visit in Turkey. Besides the beach, the palace offers great nightlife and exciting sky sports for adventure seekers. If you are looking for reasonable and comfortable accommodations in Oludeniz or nearby places in Turkey, contact us at Turkey Pool Villas for the best accommodations in all major towns in Turkey. We offer the most comfortable rooms, services, and food for the best experience and vacation for our guests. If you are planning a trip to turkey, contact us now for bookings.