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The ideal time to visit Turkey- A weather guide

Turkey is a beautiful place and is an excellent destination for traveling enthusiasts. It is the 37th largest country globally and has a lot to offer in terms of history, religion, and culture. Istanbul is its financial center and a great city to marvel at.

Majority of the population follows Islam as its religion. The data displays 75% Turks and 18% Kurds in the country. The rest are occupied by Syrians and other communities. It has a cultural mix of Western Asia and South-East Europe.

The vast expanse of the country is marked with differences in temperature in the region. This article will guide you if you have chosen Turkey as your next travel destination. It will offer you insights into its weather and climate, which will help you choose the perfect time to plan your holidays.

Temperature in Turkey from March to May

Temperature varies between 10°C to 25°C. It is the spring season in Turkey from March to May and has a very pleasant weather condition. Usually, the mornings are cold, which blends into warmer afternoons, a perfect time to see the country's wonders. One can find a multitude of colors of flowers in full bloom during this period. Although there is a wide range of flowers, tulips are the primary fascination amidst the floral village. You can visit these fields and enjoy your time soaking in their breathtaking beauty. The weather also permits taking a stroll through the streets to appreciate the beauty of the land.

It is also an excellent time to travel to ancient sites because of the absence of scorching sun, which predominates the summer months. As population soares with the incoming people from various countries, things get more expensive. Hotels are already booked and, even if not checked in, will demand more expenditure on the part of the tourists. It is an ideal time for hikers and cyclists on the southern part of the country as the weather is pleasant to the skin.

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Reasons tourist should visit Turkey during the spring season

  • Firstly, the moderate temperature is a perfect time to explore the country.
  • Some important festivals are celebrated during this time. These include Canakkale Victory and Martyrs Day, which takes place on March 18. It is a significant day in history for Turkish people as they commemorate soldiers who fought bravely for their country.
  • MesirMacunu Festival is an ancient festival of the Aegean province, celebrated on 21st March. A sweet paste was made to get rid of illnesses and, when it successfully bore results, was distributed across the entire kingdom to bring abundance in health. One can really enjoy this festival along with the natives of the region.
  • It has been described earlier that spring is the particular time of the year when one can enjoy sights rich in blooming flowers. As tourists are drawn by the floral display, biggest Tulip festivals take place in Istanbul for the month of May.
  • Istanbul also witnesses the leading International Film Festival in April, where artists from all over the world visit to attend this special event as awards are handed to them for their achievements in their genre. These include the major contributors to the films like writers, directors and actors. Watching talented celebrities is a dream comes true for everyone.
  • Next comes Ephesus Festival of Color and Art, a vibrant festival through the first week of May, where folk dances are performed to entertain the crowd.

Ensure to bargain well with the sellers as things are sold, keeping the original price a secret. Starting from a taxi driver to paying locals, you can be tricked by the charges made. In other words, be wary of anyone who overcharges you.

Temperature in Turkey from June to August

Temperature varies between from 24°C to 48°C.It is excessively hot in Turkey during the summer months of June, July and August. So it's a down period if you consider strolling through the streets or visiting ancient sites. The weather becomes dry, and it's a tad difficult for travelling; however, the Mediterranean coastline is somewhat pleasant for tourists. Also, a flock of tourists disappear during these months because of the intense heat.

Importance of May-June for the Turkish people

Although travelling in Turkey is not preferable during the summer months, it is a great time to rejoice because of the festival of Ramadan, which the population celebrates. As it is an auspicious month for Muslims, some services might not be available during prayer time. Therefore, tourists must take this point into consideration while choosing dates to spend time in Turkey.

Reasons Why You Cannot Ignore Turkey as a Travel Destination during the Summer Months

  • In June, the biggest festival known as the Cappadox Festival is held in Cappadocia, where nearly 140 events occur, focusing on different aspects of Turkey like culture, music, and food.
  • If you wish to sip wine and make tours of their place of origin, i.e., visiting vineyards and enjoying some live music, you can possibly go to Bozcaada Island.
  • Every summer, the Chill-Out Festival is held at Istanbul, Cesme, and Bodrum, where you can find workshops, lounges, music, and other activities to enjoy.
  • A competition of 2000 global competitors known as the Bosporus Cross-Continental Swim takes place in Turkey, where they need to compete by swimming across the continent. Olympic medal winners also take part in these competitions, and it's a very thrilling site that one can witness.

A note of caution

Take light cotton clothes with yourself while visiting Turkey during the summer months as the scorching heat will give a lot of sweat. Make sure to dress respectfully, going with the norms of the country. However, you don't need to worry about the heat as you'll find juice and ice-cream stalls along the roadside to keep you hydrated. Besides, how can one forget the famous tricks played by the Turkish ice-cream man while you try to get the ice cream into the cone?

Temperature in Turkey from September to November

Temperature varies from 12°C to 29°C from September to November. It's time for the autumn season, and it is very soothing for everybody as it gets cold in Turkey. Days become shorter while nights grow longer. However, the sea temperature is otherwise. During this time, there is a decrease in crowds and prices, so it's a great time to visit the country.

Importance of September-November for the Turkish people

Autumn is the best time for locals as the crowd of tourists recede. They can spend their time by enjoying their culture or through leisure activities. This period is marked by different entertaining events like music, art, and wine festivals.

Reasons you should visit Turkey during the autumn season:

  • Famous grape festivals are held where four different types of grapes are harvested. The event also organizes plucking grapes and selling of wines. The festival is named Bozcaada Vintage Festival and is held on Bozcaada island.
  • In the month of September, a contemporary art festival takes place, known as the International Istanbul Biennial. People with an interest in art will find this festival amazing.
  • To give extensive information about Cappadocian organic farming and food culture to the young population, the Goreme food festival is held. It is quite intriguing and provides a glimpse of their heritage.
  • Turkish Republic Day, known as CumhurivetBayrami, is celebrated across the country in a grand manner which includes parades, delivering speeches, and lighting fireworks.

A note of caution

Autumn in Turkey is a time when cold days arent far. So it's high time to carry research for the places that you would visit and thus know the weather. Also, you can pack pullovers and light jackets for the purpose.

Temperature in Turkey from December to February

The minimum temperature is three °C, and the maximum temperature is 16°C.Like summer, winter is the least ideal time to visit Turkey. During this period, snowfall occurs and wraps the entire place in deep snow. Some areas can experience shallow temperatures, i.e., running on negatives making beach activity null. Visiting Turkey during winters can be suitable for people who love winters, don't catch a cold, and is fond of periodical showers.

Reasons for visiting Turkey during winters:

Do not be disappointed that the beach activities are equal to zero. The Rumi festival has a lot to offer to your quota of peace by including dance and meditation as an essential part. One can observe these activities on the streets of Istanbul or in the beautifully designed mosques.

  • Christmas is celebrated in January according to the Julian calendar.
  • New Year is celebrated with great pomp, especially in restaurants where menus are specially curated for the occasion.

A note of caution

Ensure you carry more warm clothes as one can imagine the freezing temperature this time of the year.

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Wrapping Up!

If you are seeking some relaxation in addition to immersing yourself in a country's history and culture, come to Turkey, for it will provide you with the particular things you need. Select your residential accommodations and rent of best Private Pool villas accordingly.