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ÖLÜDENIZ is famous place for its deep blue waters, panoramic views throughout the year, and pleasant weather. This is a place to relax and enjoy a much slower life. It used to be a fishing village built for many years, but now, in the summer months, it is turning into a thriving resort.

Although you can easily spend two weeks in the sun, there is a lot of things to do in ÖLÜDENIZ.

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Places to visit in ÖLÜDENIZ

ÖLÜDENIZ not only has things to do like sports, but you can even sit by the beaches, enjoying the view.So here is the list of recommended best things to do in ÖLÜDENIZ so to have a fantastic holiday.

Ölüdeniz Blue Lagoon

When we talk about Oludeniz there is always a need to mention the Blue Lagoon! These blue waves against the white sand are the most famous and beautiful beach in Turkey, breathtaking.

You need to pay a little amount as it is a natural reserve. Here boating is not allowed so you can be sure to spend a relaxing day. With calm water, there are a large number of plants and animals, so that the air exudes a beautiful and fragrant aroma.

Babadag Paragliding

If your feeling especially adventurous for your holiday, enjoy something different. One of the most famous thing to do in Oludenizis paragliding– in reality, it’s one of the world’s most famous sports locations.

Soaring through the air over the beautiful Blue Lagoon, with panoramic perspectives of the place from the Babadag. The mountain is a geological surprise hovering above Oludeniz at 6500ft on the take-off point. Your flight will take you over its ridges, out throughout the ocean for a bird's eye view of the well-known lagoon, right down to the mild touchdown at the beach.

Butterfly Valley

Butterfly Valley is the handiest 8km from Ölüdeniz.

The valley is pretty hanging as you method it from the water, a stunning seaside with a brilliant inexperienced backdrop in among mountains. When you alight the boat, you've got the choice to both live at the seaside or take the path into the valley, which costs a small price.

This full-day boat excursion combines a ride to Butterfly Valley with some different stunning however difficult to attain locations close to Ölüdeniz and additionally consists of lunch.

Visit The Ghost Village Of Kayakoy

Explore outdoor Ölüdeniz to locate Kayaköy, the nearby ghost town. Kayakoy become as soon as inhabited with the aid of using Greek Orthodox Christians who lived in the whole concord with the Turkish till the early twentieth century

Watch The Sundown Over Fethiye

The turquoise coast is well-known for its lovely sunsets so earlier than you depart Turkey, you need to attempt your exception to discover the proper spot to take withinside the day’s previous couple of solar rays.

Göcek 12 Islands Boat Trip

Taking a gulet cruise is one of the excellent things to do in ÖLÜDENIZ to spend an afternoon inside the Fethiye area of Turkey.

The 12 islands boat experience lasts all day and consists of island-hopping around 12 islands off the Göcek coast.

You’ll have the ability to observe stretches of scenic shoreline by skip from the consolation of the on-deck sunbeds and swim withinside the Mediterranean Sea. If you’relucky enough, you may spot a turtle or two.

Rock Climbing in Ölüdeniz

There are three mountain climbing routes in Oludeniz. All these routes are positioned in front of TokgOz Market in Oludeniz. The routes are as follow:

  1. Shared Odak 17 meters high, degree 6-
  2. Balcony Pleasure 1.Stage: 15 meters high, degree 5, 2.Stage 2 meters high, degree 7&7-
  3. Roadside eleven Meters High, degree 7+

Rock climbing is a very adventurous and beautiful site viewing thing to do in Ölüdeniz.

Diving In Fethiy

Dive withinside the clean turquoise waters of the Mediterranean with one of the extraordinarily certified diving colleges in the area.

As the ocean is tide loose it draws an abundance of marine existence because of it being particularly warm and calm and is diveable all 12 months around. It is top-notch for each novice and greater skilled divers and the faculties withinside the regions provide various journeys to moist even the maximum adventurous of appetites!

Ranging from the shallow calm reefs teeming with existence to the eerie caverns, charming walls, dramatic drop-offs, exciting tunnels, and appealing swim-via arches lined in smooth corals, Feather Dusters and Sponges, you may see there may be something for everyone. There is likewise Archaeological diving to be had with a number of the amphora relationship lower back to three hundred BC whilst Alexander the Great conquered the area.

There are numerous applications to pick from, at some point as much as per week-lengthy diving path is to be had and every person over the age of 12 and healthy can participate.

Horse Riding in Kayaköy

Horse Riding in Ölüdeniz is the right manner to take withinside the breathtaking scenery, and in lots of instances, it's miles the best manner to attain the off the overwhelmed song places. Riding centers cater to every age and ability, with the tempo of the experience depending on the routes selected and the enjoyment of the riders makes it the best thing to do in ÖLÜDENIZ.

Treks integrate driving in historic ruins of cities and villages, through aromatic pine forests and tiny Turkish villages untouched and unspoiled with the aid of tourism.

Blue Cruise

A precise threat to enjoy cruising on a traditional Turkish gulet. Just loosen up absolutely at the same time as the splendor of the Turquoise Coast slips through. Spend your days reading, swimming, exploring the islands, or attempting out the watersports, the selection is yours at the same time as the team attends in your every need. The boat anchors in non-violent bays in a single day at the same time as you revel in restful nighttime to your cabin.

You can't go out of Turkey without experiencing a Turkish Bath because it is the best thing to do in ÖLÜDENIZ. The warmth observed through an exfoliating scrub and cleaning soap massage will depart your pores and skin feeling purifier and softer than ever before – and also you feel comfortable and chilled out.

Aqua Parks

There are 2 aqua parks in the Fethiye region, one is in Çaliş Beach and Ovacik. Mainly Families journey from anywhere to spend an afternoon in these Aquaparks. The aqua parks open from approximately May onwards for the summertime season. These are the most fun things to do in Ölüdeniz which can be enjoyed with family, friends, and in couples.

What to pack when you are traveling to ÖLÜDENIZ

Like maximum sunny destinations, you could put on quite a lot of things you need inside the ÖLÜDENIZ location of Turkey.

You don’t want to fear approximately dressing conservatively except you’re making plans to go to different components of Turkey too.

Here are the matters I could in reality % again:

  • A swimsuit

    You can’t probably go to such lovely blue waters as the ones surrounding you without taking a dip in them. For a similar swimsuit to the only withinside the picture graph above, head to ASOS, who continually have a huge variety of swimming wear and seaside accessories.
  • Flip flops

    The boat cruises have been in reality the spotlight of my week. You’ll need to spend at least an afternoon or cruising across the coast in case you need to make the most of some time in Ölüdeniz. Slip-on footwear may be your go-to for boat days, seaside days, or even the Turkish dust baths.
  • Walking footwear

    Ölüdeniz has a lot of fun things too. It has a tremendous vicinity to relax, however, it’s additionally a top-notch vicinity to get active! It’s one of the most famous paragliding spots for a cause, however, it certainly gets windy up there, so ensure you % a couple of realistic footwear.
  • A GoPro

    GoPro is super beneficial for shooting each picture and video in moist situations which include the ocean and baths. As u there are greater seashores to identify for one need to have GoPro. The GoPro Hero five and six are already waterproof so select them.
    These all above things are very much important to be there with you when you are traveling to Ölüdeniz. These will make your trip more enjoyable and beautiful.
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Oludeniz, in particular, is a certainly beautiful vicinity to discover as a circle of relatives or a solo traveler. Although a great vicinity to take a seat down back, loosen up with the aid of using the pool and experience the climate at an inclusive hotel, there are masses of things to do in Oludeniz and the encompassing region to make your life a touch extra exciting.

Take into consideration the entirety which has been said above and it is simple to apprehend why many humans have made ÖLÜDENIZ as a vacation spot that they go back to year after year. If you're searching out a super excursion place in Turkey, pass and revel in those vacations in ÖLÜDENIZ to do a lot of things.