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What Should I Expect To See When Visiting Turkey?

Turkey is one of the most culturally and historically rich countries among all the Eurasian countries. Packed with ancient monuments all over the country, turkey has seen a parade of conquers and the beautiful nature around the place will never fail to impress you. Besides the rich history, Turkey is also famous for its beautiful Turkish delicacies, beaches, mountains, and the Mediterranean Sea.

If you are visiting Turkey for a vacation, you can choose to enjoy the various Byzantine and Ottoman glories in Istanbul, you can sun-bathe on the many beaches, o0r wander around the historic ruins in Ephesus. The country attracts all kinds of tourists and satisfies the wanderlust of all adventurers, sea-goers, mountain enthusiasts, and history buffs.

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Here are some of the many places you can visit in Turkey:

Aya Sofya

Well known as one of the most beautiful buildings in the world, the magnificent Byzantine glory of the Aya Sofya Museum (Hagia Sophia) is the top thing for you to do when visiting Turkey.

The exterior of the building is rimmed with delicate minarets which were added after the vast Ottoman conquest. On the other hand, the sumptuous and cavernous frescoed interior is a reminder of the grand power and might of old Constantinople. The famed monument of Aya Sofya is a must-visit when you are in the city of Istanbul or just visiting Turkey.


The mighty ruins of Ephesus are one of the best places to visit for history buffs. Turkey has a rich history from different empires and i9nvasions. The Ephesus is a city of colossal monuments and marble columned roads. It is one of the still-standing ancient cities of Rome in the Mediterranean region. The city has experienced the Golden age of the Roman Empire and it reflects on all the architecture of the city.

If you are visiting Ephesus, you will need more than half a day to complete the highlights of the place. If you are a history buff interested in the place, you can choose to spend the entire day in the city exploring the several streets, ruins, and more. Tourists can also enjoy a beautiful lunch at the many restaurants that serve Turkish delicacies at Ephesus.


The rock valley of Cappadocia is surreal and a photographer's dream. With cliff ridges, hillcrest, and a lush green valley, Cappadocia is one of the best places for a perfect panoramic shot of the Mediterranean. The place is filled with several weirdly-shaped rocks and cliff edges which are formed from excessive wind and water erosion of rocks.

If you are not feeling like a hike, you can also indulge in a hot-air balloon ride and get the best view of Cappadocia. If the beautiful horizon is not enough for you to take the adventurous ride, other things that you can see from the balloon are the various frescoed rock-cut churches of the Byzantine era. These churches were created when Cappadocia was an important site for early Christians.

Topkapi Palace

The Topkapi palace takes you to the beautiful and majestic world of the sultans. The palace is the place where the Ottoman Era carved its empire in Turkey and later expanded it towards Europe and down to the Middle East and Africa.

The palace is majestic with beautiful interiors. It is decorated with lavish jewelry and tiles which port6rays the peak of the Ottoman Empire. The surrounding gardens of Topkapi palace are the domain of the Royal Court and are open to the public for a relaxing stroll. The gardens have beautiful streets surrounded by lush greenery that provides a tranquil environment for all tourists.


One of the world's best natural wonders is located in Turkey. The pure white travertine terraces of Pamukkale ("Cotton Castle" in English) flow down the slopes of the snowfields amid a green landscape. The out-of-the-world white travertine terraces of Pamukkale are highlighted by the roman Hierapolis ruins. It was an ancient spa town that lies on top of the calcite hill and is another tourist attraction.

The place is a paradise for photographers and tourists who are interested in rare and exotic places in the world.

Sumela Monastery

With a solitary setting built on a cliff face, the Sumela monastery or the Monastery of Virgin Mary is one of the finest places to visit along the Black Sea Coast of turkey. You can wander along with the religious complex or enjoy the church interiors filled with beautiful and vibrant frescoes. It is a must-visit for anyone who takes a long journey to the northeast regions of Turkey.

The monastery was established during the Byzantine era and was closed in 1923. The empty cells in the monastery portray the isolated lives of the monks who lived there.

Mount Nemrut

The top sightseeing area in East turkey is the summit of Mount Nemrut. There are several mammoth stone statues left behind in a weird place. It is one of the most peculiar archaeological sites in Turkey.

The stone statues in the area are of long-forgotten gods who stared out from the summit. The barren mountaintop has an eerie ambiance and you can watch the statues loom out of the dark at sunrise every day.


At the border of turkey and Armenia lies a secluded and deserted establishment of Ani. It used to be a stop for traders on the Silk Road. The city was once the capital of Armenia and was raided by the Mongols in the 14th century which marked its end. There were also natural causes like earthquakes that forced the settlement out of Ani.

The place is in ruins and the beautiful bricks of Ani still crumble away from the wind. The place is surrounded by tall grass fields and you can find the Church of the Redeemer or the Church of St. Gregory, with their elaborate stone masonry and fresco remnants still visible.


Just south of the city of Antalya lies the beautiful and vast Roman Theatre of Aspendos. The place was used to celebrate the pomp and ceremony of Marcus Aurelius’ coronation. It is considered the finest surviving example of the classical age of theatre and is one of the star antique attractions of the world.

Although the theatre is the main attraction, the visitors can take a half-day trip to Aspendos and spend the time exploring the vast ruins of the hilly area and watch the sunset in Aspendos.


Beaches, forests, mountains, and adventure, Oludeniz offers the tourists of Turkey everything they want. Oludeniz is the adventure capital of turkey as it is the only place in Turkey and one of the few places in the world where you can have a paragliding experience. Moreover, the beach and the butterfly valley are beautiful places for nature lovers.

One of the rarest places in Turkey, the Blue Lagoon is also a part of the Oludeniz coast. If you are visiting the Blue Lagoon, you will come across a variety of wildlife, and you can enjoy sunbathing on the many sun loungers on the beach. Tourists often take a swim or go jet skiing in the waters of the Mediterranean or take a stroll if they want some peace. Some several restaurants and cafes serve all delicacies and beverages. The nightlife of Oludeniz is also centered on these restaurants which come to life with songs and dancing, as the sun starts to set.


The Old Harbour town of Turkey has two beaches on both sides and is one of the most attractive places to visit in Turkey in summer. Antalya is a cliff town with a beautiful view of the4 Mediterranean. You can come across several cliffside restaurants where you can enjoy a beautiful cup of coffee while watching the sunset on the horizon.

When in Antalya, you can visit the Antalya Museum which exhibits the beautiful collection of Hellenistic and Roman marble statuary. A few kilometers from Antalya, you can wander in the ruins of Aspendos and Perge and satisfy your lust for the history of the Romans and the Ottoman Empire.

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Wrapping Up!

While Turkey is a beautiful place to visit, you can also find luxurious hotels in all the various locations in turkey. If you are looking for a comfortable and peaceful stay in turkey, we at Turkey Pool Villa offer the best services and comfortable accommodations for your trip. Book with us today or visit our website.