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Why is Turkey one of the Best Places to Live?

The beauty of Turkey remains unquestionable so far, making this European country one of the best places to visit. However, there is more to this country than its natural beauty and rich heritage. People residing in Turkey thank their stars always because they can lead a fantastic lifestyle here, withholding their culture.

Are you planning to shift your base to a new country, and Turkey has popped in your head? Do not have a second thought since this post will convince you with some of the most impressive reasons to choose Turkey as your new home. So, give a good read and understand why moving your base to this nation can be beneficial for you and your family.

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Easy Procedure to Get a Residence Permit

One of the significant reasons people from outside prefer residing in this country is the ease of acquiring a residence permit. You can make a base in Turkey easily and get citizenship after staying for five years. The Turkish government applies some simple rules to offer residence permits to foreigners.

You need to lease an apartment for a year in any city or town in this country. Then you need to fill the residency form and apply for a residency permit in the local immigration department office. Turkey offers residency quite faster than most out countries in the world. Its warmth and welcoming nature embraces any individual from any country and helps him make a life here.

Enjoy a High-Quality Life

Research shows that people living in Turkey have a high quality of lifestyle compared to most other countries. You can make here enough earnings to lead a comfortable life with your family. The most popular city in Turkey, Istanbul, has everything that can help you live life king size. Besides Istanbul, other cities of the nation like Ankara (capital city), Antalya, Bodrum, etc., are equally beautiful and great to reside in.

People here lead a good life irrespective of their monthly income because there are several options for every individual. The country offers facilities of all price ranges to ensure everyone can afford them. Therefore, if you want to enjoy a high-quality life even with your low earning, Turkey is the best place to make a home at.

One of the Safest Countries to Stay

Coming across drunkards, drug addicts, thugs, beggars, and homeless people is a familiar scene in all countries, no matter how developed they are. However, this is not the scene in most of the cities in Turkey, even though the world media tries hard to highlight it. Big cities like Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, Bursa, Fethiye, Bodrum, etc. are safer than you can imagine.

You can witness women and children walking in the localities of these cities without the fear of any harm. People leave their belongings on the beach and enjoy peacefully in the sea since no one will touch their stuff. You can park your car on the roadside all night or even hire a taxi in the middle of the night fearlessly.

Turkey has a strong sense of community that makes one feel safer. A person can seek quick help from others without a second thought if she is in danger or falls into trouble. People here do not hesitate to help others in need, making the country a beautiful place to spend a lifetime.

Lower Property Maintenance Charges

This country is one of the best places to invest in properties since the taxes and maintenance charges are incredibly affordable. Turkey is a developed country with a higher economic status than many nations like Spain, Greece, etc. You can buy a home here effortlessly following a simple yet transparent procedure. The real estate value is a few times lesser than other European countries, and thus, getting a budget-friendly property is easy.

The Turkish government levies a lower real estate annual tax, and the residential tax is within everyone’s budget. Besides, you need not pay the land tax if you own a house in Turkey. The maintenance charges are less, and thus, a resident can maintain a plush property in this country with minimum expenditure.

A Wonderful Climate to Suit Every Individual

Turkey’s climatic changes will never let you complain since they suit every individual residing here. Climate is an important factor to consider while choosing a place to make a base in. This country enjoys sunny days, almost three hundred days in a year, making it warmer. The winters are not extreme as in other European countries like England, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, etc.

All the cities of this nation enjoy pleasant and bearable weather throughout the year. The climatic condition of each region is different from the others due to their geographical positioning. For example, Istanbul has comfortable weather with mild and short winters. Cities next to the sea like Antalya, Bebek, Bodrum, Trabzon, etc., are comparatively hotter, but the sea breeze cools the place by night.

Surviving in the coldest weather condition in Turkey is not very difficult since almost all apartments here are integrated with heating systems. The hospitals, schools, malls and other public buildings have heaters too that will protect you from the bitterest cold. Therefore, you can enjoy your winters in this country without complaining about its facilities.

Superior Quality Healthcare Services Available

Turkey offers one of the best healthcare services in the world within an affordable range. One needs to have insurance, and his medical expenses will not be a burden at all. Some of the top hospitals are located in Istanbul, Ankara, and other cities that can beat the facilities offered by other developed countries. The most relieving factor is that healthcare services here are affordable for all economic groups, unlike most other countries.

Residents can undergo both minor treatments and major surgeries at a comparatively lower cost. Many healthcare organizations have also adopted the use of artificial intelligence like robots for performing surgeries. All the hospitals and clinics located in Turkey, even in small cities, have advanced machinery and experienced professionals. You can get immediate medical help in smaller villages and then be transported to an advanced clinic nearby.

Turkish healthcare professionals are caring and exceptionally well trained. They will treat you well and attend to your problems in the best way possible. You should emphasize the healthcare facilities of a country before you decide to move in. Turkey indeed has the best ones, and thus, staying here will never bother you.

Travelling is a Less Expensive Affair

A travel addict will find his heaven in Turkey since it is cheaper to visit all popular places in this country. One can get the feel of a posh lifestyle in big cities like Istanbul and Ankara and enjoy the calmness of the sea in Sile. Antalya, Bodrum, and other cities by the sea are great to go for a vacation or spend a long weekend. The semi-arid region in the country, Cappadocia, offers spectacular views to every traveller.

Istanbul itself holds an extremely rich heritage and culture that will take you some time to explore. Several sites of this city are covered by Ottoman and Byzantine architecture, which are a treat to the sore eyes. The sea is beautiful, and the surroundings will make a person witness breathtaking landscapes. You can travel at a lower cost in and across Turkey since it has an excellent transportation network. All places have affordable lodging and eating options making your travel expenses pocket-friendly.

Turkish healthcare professionals are caring and exceptionally well trained. They will treat you well and attend to your problems in the best way possible. You should emphasize the healthcare facilities of a country before you decide to move in. Turkey indeed has the best ones, and thus, staying here will never bother you.

Multi-Cultured People Living Harmoniously

Turkey is a multi-cultured country with people from different cultures living peacefully for years. It has a mixture of Asian and European cultures, making it a vibrant place to reside. Most people follow the Islamic religion, but they are not intolerant towards non-Islamic residents. Everyone respects the culture of the other one and stay together closed-knit in good and bad times. The rich culture and heritage of the country can be extremely favourable for bringing up a kid.

Istanbul is one of the best places in Turkey, with top-notch educational institutes that are open to all. Children from small cities travel there to get higher education and become free individuals with no mental blocks. Each city in the country has residents with different cultures, food habits, religious beliefs, and ethnicity. Therefore, being a foreigner, you need not worry about cultural differences while shifting your base to this country.

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Wrapping Up!

People outside Turkey often misjudge this beautiful country based on other’s opinions. However, those who have visited any part of this nation cannot get over its beauty and warmth. This post has highlighted some of the vital points that people often consider before planning to shift to a new place.

If you want to visit Turkey first and decide whether it can be your permanent location, contact us at www.turkey-pool-villa.com for the best stay. Our services across the nation are unmatchable and available at an unbelievable rate. So, book a stay with us and experience the beauty of Turkey with our hospitality.