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Bird Watching Points in Turkey

Turkey lies on the boundaries of the Asian and European continents. The country is one of the most beautiful holiday destinations for tourists worldwide. The ancient land, with profound Islamic values grounded in the Turkish culture. The middle-east country carries the essence of both traditional values and modern western culture. The land respects the diverse religious presence with true love and care. Plenty of visitors from different parts of the globe come to enjoy their vacation in this heritage land. Turkey remains beautiful in its own way during different seasons of the year.

The natural beauty of Turkey is genuinely enthralling. Tourists get mesmerized by the sights of the lush green valleys, blue mountain ranges, vast sea beaches, and picturesque countryside villages. Turkey is famous as the land of mosques for the abundance of religious sites. The age-old historical sites in different corners of the land offer the tourists the vibes of the bygone era. On the contrary, city life in Turkey is colorful, dazzling, and vibrant. The restaurants and nightclubs are crowded with both locals and tourists to enjoy the graceful performance of the belly dancers.

Turkey has diverse attraction points. Turkish cuisine is a topic of interest to tourists. According to Turkish food culture, breakfast is the main meal of the day. You cannot miss having authentic Turkish dishes and dessert items. Turkey is a more budget-friendly holiday destination compared to the other European countries. You need to convert your country's currency to the Turkish Lira to run a smooth monetary transaction during your vacation.

Turkey is an abode to different flora and fauna species. There are many wildlife sanctuaries, national parks. Zoos, bird sanctuaries, public aquariums are located in different corners of the cities to take care of the animals and birds. The blog aims to talk about bird watching points in Turkey.

The blog will offer you details about the native and migratory bird species in Turkey. The land is blessed with different geographical contours, including wetlands, forests, valleys, beaches, etc. Turkey is a paradise to bird watchers

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Birds’ Species in Turkey

The rich nature and vegetation of Turkey help create different ecosystems in the various parts of the country. The bird sanctuaries of Turkey had acquired admiration from many countries all over the world. According to researches, 450 of the total 500 bird species living in Europe reside in Turkey. The birds belong to both Asian and European continents.

The most found bird species in Turkey are Pelicans, hawks, falcons, ibises, eagles, kites, storks (both black and white), etc. Tourists come to enjoy bird watching between April to November. April and June are the best time to see the indigenous species.

Some of the most reckoned bird sanctuaries in Turkey include Izmir Bird Sanctuary, Manyas Bird Sanctuary, Bafa Lake Bird Sanctuary, Sultan Sazlığı Bird Sanctuary, and Birecik Bird Sanctuary. Apart from the bird sanctuaries, there are various spots to watch birds. Myriads of birds migrate to Bosporus in the summer months. The place attracts bird watchers and professional nature photographers during April and May. There are certain lakes and national parks that preserve some extinct and endangered bird species. One such endangered bird species is Dalmatian Pelicans. Others include marbled teal, spotted eagle, sociable plover, etc.

Turkey falls in the migration route of birds from Africa to Europe and the other way round. The marshlands in Turkey are the best to welcome different species of migratory birds.

Izmir Bird Sanctuary

Izmir Bird Sanctuary is situated in Gediz Delta along the Gediz River. Gediz is one of the largest rivers in the Aegean region. The sanctuary hosts 290 bird species, especially the marshland birds. The sanctuary is home to the eared forest owl, toys, mezgeldek, sütlabi, etc. Around 50,000 birds every year visit the sanctuary region. Cars are available from Izmir Adnan Airport to reach the sanctuary.

Sarıyer Bird Observatory Tower

Different migratory birds from various countries come to this place in Istanbul’s Sariyer district during March and May. Hundreds of tourists from different corners of the country and across the globe come to watch myriads of birds. Professional photographers and bird watchers with binoculars and cameras gather in the observatory tower. The 30-meter high wooden watchtower allows the bird watchers to see the birds from close proximity and enables the photographers to capture the perfect shot. The experienced bird watchers suggest Istanbul's Black Sea shore to enjoy the sight of gulls, waterfowl, divers, and terns.

Plenty of migratory birds fly through the city in spring. During that time, bird watchers get a few glimpses of spotted eagles, black storks, Eurasian hobbies, stock doves, black kites, ospreys, short-toed snake eagles, eastern imperial eagles, stock doves, etc. The birds mainly fly over lands instead of water to gain energy from the warm air currents.

Manyas Lake & Bird Sanctuary

Manyas Bird Sanctuary is the first bird shelter that has received the 'A' certification from the European council. The lake is famous as 'Bird Paradise'. The lake located at Bandırma district welcomes 2-3 million birds every year. The best time to watch myriads of birds around the lake area is between March and July and September and October.

The bird sanctuary houses different species of bird species like Dalmatian and heron. The tourists enjoy bird watching while hiking along the rough trails that connect to the observatory tower. The park provides the visitors with complete details of the birds in the form of a small museum.

Every year, an international festival takes place in the park to increase awareness about the protection of birds. The authority conducts the International Bandırma Bird Paradise on the first week of June. Bird Paradise is a five days' program observed through cultural events and concerts.

Bafa Lake in Aegean Region

Bafa is the largest lake in the Aegean region in Turkey. Lake Bafa is one of the most alluring bird-watching spots to draw the attention of ornithologists. The lake is located between the cities of Aydin and Mugla, at a distance of 50 km from the shoreline. The lake attracts birds like flamingos, pelicans, and cormorants. The rich flora and fauna of the lake make the place more attractive to bird watchers. The lake islets function as breeding grounds.

The lake houses more than 200 bird species like Dalmatian Pelican, spoonbill, spur lapwing, pygmy cormorant, little grebe, great crested grebe, etc. Flamingo comes under one of the wetland birds.

Nallıhan Bird Sanctuary

Nallihan Bird Sanctuary is located next to Sariyar Dam in Ankara. The sanctuary is an artificial wetland ecosystem. Different species of migratory birds come to this place during the winter months. This is why the bird count program takes place in the mid-winter. The bird watchers can see mallard, blackhead, coot, ruddy shelduck, etc.

Lake Kuyucuk in Eastern Turkey

Lake Kuyucuh is one of the most popular marshlands in Turkey, located within the borders of Kars. The place is a breeding site for endangered bird species. The area shelters more than 200 bird species. Every year, bird watchers get a glimpse of some new species during the winter months. The lake has a remarkable value in bird conservation, being located along the African-Eurasian migration route. The area also comes under International wetland conservation. A two-day bird festival was inaugurated in 2011 June.

Sultan Sazlığı Bird Sanctuary

The Turkish government took the responsibility to convert the place into a national park in 2006. The bird sanctuary has become a central point in Turkey tourism. Due to the fresh saltwater in the region, the bird species residing in the place are high in numbers. Till date, the sight of 301 kinds of birds has been captured here. The sanctuary is the only site in Europe where bird species like whitefish, cranes, flamingos, and spoonbill hatch together.

Göksu Delta Bird Sanctuary

Goksu Delta is located in Silifke. The delta becomes the temporary habitat of many species of birds during winter. The species of Reed rooster is the major attraction of the place. The bird can be seen only in some specific areas of the Mediterranean. The delta bird sanctuary is home to nearly 330 bird species.

Birecik Bird Sanctuary

Birecik Bird Sanctuary is situated on the Euphrates valley. The sanctuary houses the bald ibises. The number of bald ibises has reduced all over the world. The welfare foundations in the bird sanctuary came into existence in 1977. The bird sanctuary has gained worldwide recognition in protecting, feeding, and producing bird species to prevent extinction.

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To conclude,

The blog has focused on different bird sanctuaries and bird watching points to guide nature lovers and bird watchers in their journey to Turkey. The tourists must book the Turkey Pool Villa to spend a pleasant and joyous vacation in the foreign country. After the day's adventure, the pool villa refreshes and rejuvenates the tourists' minds with its hospitality and services