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Top 10 Interesting Places to Visit in Antalya

Antalya is the largest city in Turkey, situated on the Mediterranean Coast. The city is one of the most populated cities in Turkey and is the capital of the Antalya Province. Located on the southwest coast of the country, Antalya is surrounded by the Taurus Mountains.

Antalya Province

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If you are planning a vacation to the city of Antalya, you should know that the city has a plethora of places for you to visit. If you visit Antalya, you will find that the city is lined up with several fascinating places that outline the city so that Antalya is ideally placed to be the base of all sightseeing.

The city of Antalya has a lot of history, but there are other places like the Turquoise Coast and the beaches that are just relaxing spots for tourists. Beach lovers and history buffs can come to Antalya and spend their vacation in satisfaction.

Here are some of the most exciting places in Antalya for you to visit:

OLD TOWN (Kaleiçi)

The old town of Antalya is known as Kaleiçi and is built like a maze. The city is built perfectly for strolling. The town has been restored, and all the buildings that line the cobblestone streets have been whitewashed to give a new and refreshing look to the town. The streets are lined by red-roofed Ottoman mansions, boutique hotels, souvenir shops, art galleries, and restaurants.

The town provides the tourists with a place to breathe in the ambiance of the old town and is a great attraction. Moreover, the town's main square, Kale Kapisi, has a fortress gate and a stone clock tower from an 18th-century mosque - Tekeli Mehmet Pasa. The tower is worth a visit for its unique tile work and the building architecture.


The old harbor in Antalya is nestled into a recess in the cliffs and is full of boutiques, cafes, bazaars, and several yachts that take you on a ride into the Mediterranean. The place has a lovely atmosphere and is the best palace for your boating experience. The palace is a quiet abode on the beach and makes it difficult for visitors to believe that this place was once the main port for the city and was a significant economic hub for Turkey.

The port was once used for bringing trade and prosperity to the city and all its surrounding regions. Presently the harbor is a place for visitors to relax and enjoy a nice meal at the cafe while watching a peaceful sunset over the sea. The place also offers you many excursions on a boat to swim, sightsee and have a nice sunbathe on an empty beach.


If you are a history buff and visiting Antalya for its rich historical tales, the Antalya Museum is a must-visit for you. The exhibits at the museum showcase all the best finds from the excavation site across the entire Turkish coast. Moreover, the museum has displayed all its exhibits in an exemplary fashion that allows you to quickly understand Turkey's complicated history. One of the most prominent exhibits in the museum is the display from the Bronze Age to Byzantium, emphasizing the ruins of all the nearby areas.

If you are short on time when visiting the museum, make a beeline for all the galleries that contain the mosaics from Seleukeia, the silver hoard display, and the divine statues from Perge.


One of the most distinct landmarks in Antalya is the Yivili Minare (fluted minaret). It was built by the Seljuk sultan Alaeddin Keykubad (1219-36). The minaret is a typical example of Seljuk architecture. It has a square base surmounted by an octagonal drum bearing shaft with a gallery around the top. The minaret is attached to a mosque that is still in use to date. The minaret is situated beside the Kale entrance gate of the Old Town. The minaret is surrounded by other landmarks like Antalya’s Ottoman-era clock tower and several tombs from the 14th century.


Hadrian’s Gate is one of the main attractions and the main entrance gate into the Old Town district. The Gate is one of the most dramatic entrances in the town and is part of the Considerable stretches of the Hellenistic and Roman town walls on the eastern side of the old town. The walls and the Gate had been preserved and are among the most noticeable architectures from the era.

The Gate was erected in AD 130 in honor of the visit of Emperor Hadrian. The Gate is an imposing three-arched marble gateway and is decorated with imposing towers and rich sculptures. One of the best views you can get at the entrance gates is the ceiling carvings that archeologists best preserve.

ROMAN FORTRESS (Hidirlik Kalesi)

Built-in the 2nd century, the roman fortress is a 14-meter high cylindrical tower that watches over the old harbor from the edge of the Karaalioglu Park. The fortress's primary function is still unsure, but we all can agree that it acted as a watchtower or a lighthouse for the busy port. Now it is one of the best spots to watch the sunset over the sea and for you to get a panoramic view of the old harbor.

The park itself is a prime area for picnics and relaxation amid flowers. Besides tourists, the palace is also a regular visiting spot for the locals. The nearby area has several excellent cafes and is a great sightseeing place.


The main attraction for history freaks in Antalya is the Aspendos, 45 kilometers East of Antalya. The archeological site used to be a roman theatre and is believed to the most preserved compared to all others around the world. The Aspendos is one of the top interesting places to visit in Antalya. The theatre had its glory days in the 2nd and 3rd century when it was built and lays in ruins for us now.

The theatre has been fully restored and can seat around 15000 people. The surrounding areas are still in ruins and are an exciting place for enthusiastic sightseers. If you are short on time, then one of the best day tours you can opt for in the Antalya region is the Aspendos, Perge, and Manavgat Waterfall tour. The tour will allow you to cover all the popular attractions in Antalya. The tour will allow you to cover significant places with historical significance and natural beauty. The tour includes the Roman ruins of Aspendos and Perge, the entrance to Aspendos, and the waterfalls.


Aspendos may be known for its tourist fame, but real history buffs like their history served in ruins. When it comes to one of the most attractive places to visit in Antalya, we think that Termessos is on top of the list. Situated 34 kilometers northwest of Antalya, Termessos beats any tourist attraction just by its atmosphere. The Greeks and Romans failed to tame the fierce warriors of Termessos who fiercely protected their mountain eyrie city. Now the preserved ruins of the city lie scattered around the hillside with a fantastic panoramic view of the surrounding countryside.

If you plan to fully explore Termessos, wear a pair of sturdy shoes and carry plenty of water. Fascinating places in the area are the Colonnaded streets, the upper agora, and the theatre. The theatre is situated at the peak of the Taurus Mountains and is an excellent place to relax and watch the sunset.


Perge is a vast rubble-filled stadium with many half-destroyed temples and a vast agora that reminds you of the past glory of the place. Perge was once the capital of the ancient city of Pamphylia. The city grew in the early Greek and Roman rule and is situated 17 kilometers East of Antalya. Perge is not as well-preserved as the other places on Turkey's Turquoise Coast, but that also means that it attracts less crowd and allows you to explore the temples and the streets of Perge in peace. Some of the interesting things you can find in Perge are The Roman baths, Hellenistic Gate, and Acropolis.


The twin villages of Olympos and Cirali are 84 kilometers from Antalya and are a lovely coastline area for people to visit. It is located near the ruins of the ancient Lycian city of Olympos, and the most famous attraction here is the Chimera. Chimera is a naturally occurring eternal flame that flickers on the rocky cliffs over the village of Olympos. Olympos is an excellent attraction near Antalya and is a paradise for young backpackers for its lively nights. On the other hand, Cirali is a relaxing palace for anyone seeking a relaxing beach and a good suntan for their vacation. It is one of the most relaxing places near Turkey and Antalya.

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Wrapping Up!

If you are looking for a relaxing vacation that can satisfy your thirst for historical knowledge, come to Antalya and visit these beautiful places. For all your residential accommodations and the best Private Pool Villas for rent, contact us at https://www.turkey-pool-villa.com.