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Turkey: Nature’s Hub

Turkey, a world-famous tourist destination, is located at the borders of the Asian and European continents. The country holds the ancient Islamic values and modern western culture in a beautiful manner. The country carefully protects its diverse religious presences. Millions of tourists from different corners of the world visit Turkey and spend an enjoyable vacation here. The land looks beautiful in all its seasonal attires. Travellers prefer winter to be the most favourable time to enjoy a holiday in Turkey.

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Turkey is rich in natural treasures. Native and foreign, all the tourists get mesmerized with natural abundance in Turkey. Glorious blue mountain ranges, lush green valleys, vast sea beaches, pristine countryside hamlets enrich the country with natural wealth. The blog aims to discuss Turkey in terms of its environmental richness. Turkey houses rich biodiversity because of its diverse natural contours. The national parks, animal sanctuaries, zoos in Turkey conserve some endangered species of animals and birds to stop extinction.

The country is famous for a large number of mosques located in different provinces. The ancient, gothic historical sites discovered in different corners of the country add a classic vibe to Turkey. Interestingly, as a complete contrast to the serene view, city life in Turkey is vibrant and chaotic. The graceful performance of the belly dancers in the nightclubs and pubs astounds the tourists. Breakfast has a special place in Turkish food culture. Turks consider breakfast to be the main meal of the day. There are myriads of attraction points in the land, entertaining the tourists. Turkey is also a much more budget-friendly holiday destination compared to the other European countries.

However, the blog will offer the reader a complete view of the natural beauty of Turkey. Turkey homes several magnetic natural wonders.

Heaven and Hell (Narlıkuyu)

Heaven and Hell are two massive sinkholes that came into existence as the ceiling fell down as an aftermath of chemical erosion. The sinkholes are major tourist attractions of Mersin. In a visit to Turkey, tourists must pay a visit to these natural visual retreats.

Butterfly Valley (Fethiye)

The tourists can reach the butterfly valley by ferry from Oludeniz. The valley is a natural wonder, indeed. The crystal clear seawater, clean beach ground, flowing mountainous water currents, picturesque flower plants, colorful butterflies make the valley heaven on earth. The place is a photographers’ paradise.

Goreme National Park (Cappadocia)

The national park lies on rock formations. The park is a World Heritage Site. The ancient rock structures had been carefully protected from urban development. Back in the Roman period, the people cut some of the rocks and curved those as churches. The park is situated on a land of 40 square kilometers. The tourists can enjoy the best view of the park from above. It is a major tourist attraction with its historical, geographical, and natural significances.


Cappodocia is a UNESCO World Heritage site famous for its fairy chimneys. On a visit to Turkey, this place is a must-visit. Cappodocia is a geographical wonder on our earth. When the tourists fly over this site, the reddish tint of the fairy chimneys and their shadows create mesmerizing sights.

Salda Lake (Burdur)

Salda Lake is another natural wonder located in the land of Turkey. The lake is covered with a 295 square kilometer protection zone. According to researches, the lake is one of the five cleanest lakes on earth. The geographical splendor has been one of the most consequential formations. The lake is known to be one of the two places on earth, with the same rock structure as on Mars.

Lower Duden Waterfalls (Antalya)

Lower Duden Waterfalls reflect two distinct waterfalls. The upper falls cascade down with several tiny falls into a park, whereas the lower fall comes down from Duden River, runs over the Antalya city cliffs, and falls into the sea. Here, tourists make a common mistake due to ignorance. Most tourists make a trip to the lower falls when the upper fall is easier to reach. There is a spiral staircase leading to the cave site behind the falls. From there, the tourists can enjoy the scintillating view of the waterfall as well as feel the nature on their skin.

Kackar Mountains (at Black Sea Coast)

Kacker Mountain range stands at the Black Sea Coast on the eastern side of Turkey. The mountain site was announced as a national park by the Turk Government back in 1994. The mountain covers 52.970 hectares of land. The mountain is home to different rare and endangered flora and fauna species, idyllic plateaus, and glacial lakes. The place attracts nature lovers, adventure enthusiasts, and daredevils.

Mountain Cilo (Yazılı)

Mountain Cilo is an ideal destination for trekkers and adventure seekers throughout the year. Trekkers consider the mountain as a paradise on earth. The less trodden pathways, secluded sites, untouched natural beauty, and glacial lakes add uniqueness to the mountain site. Mountain climbers return from trekking with a box full of happy memories.

Karagol (Giresun)

Another miraculous natural attraction of Turkey is Karagol. The lake water reflects the images of the trees located all around and creates a picturesque sight. The exotic lush green view enhances the serenity. Karagol is famous as a campsite among nature lovers and adventure seekers. Adventurers can enjoy nature from very close.

Pamukkale Thermal Pool (Pamukkale)

Pamukkale is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The pool water is rich in minerals and natural medicinal elements. You must take a dip into the pool if you visit the place. The terrace and hot water springs at the pool site add pure, therapeutic vibes to the pool site. Visitors had been enjoying the health benefits of the pool water for thousands of years. The term Pamukkale means "cotton castle" in English. Here, the visitors will see the white rock terraces made of the deposits of the hot spring water.

Ulubey Canyon (Ulubey)

According to the record, Ulubey is the second longest canyon on earth, after the Grand Canyon in America. The canyon stands at an elevation of 77 kilometers. The canyon region houses different species of animals, plants, and birds.

Oludeniz Bay (Oludeniz)

The term 'Oludeniz' signifies the stillness that lies in the water. This turquoise blue water of the bay is exotically vibrant. The bay astounds the tourists with its natural view that resembles a lake with a surrounding green landscape.

Cleopatra Pools (Pamukkale)

Cleopatra Pools also come under the World Heritage Site. The place is within the periphery of Pamukkale. The tourists enjoy swimming in the pools among the ruined marble columns. The marble columns fell into the pool back in the 7th Century BCE due to an earthquake. The pool water feels like champagne against the skin. Legendary stories related to Marc Anthony and Cleopatra are associated with the pool history. Tourists enjoy the facilities of bathrooms and rental lockers here. There is also a restaurant located adjacent to the pool. After a bath, you can enjoy some mouth-watering dishes from the restaurant.

Saklikent Milli Parki (Fethiye)

The name implies "hidden city" in the Turkish language. Saklikent Milli Parki is one of the most researched canyons on the earth, grounded at 984.25 ft. depth. The canyon is 18 km long. Tourists can reach the canyon at a few places only. Rest are accessible via rocks, mountains, and water bodies. You must wear comfortable and waterproof footwear to explore this hidden gem of the land.

Derinkuyu Yeralti Sehri (Cappadocia)

The cave site is located below the earth's surface. The cave is capable of housing 20,000 people. The origin of the underground cave dates back to the 7th BCE and it deeps down to eight floors. The tourists can see a church room, school, housing quarters, stables, storerooms, and manufacturing chambers here. The place has sufficient air, light and, water supplies.

Ihlara Valley (Guzelyurt)

Ihlara valley is situated close to two of three valleys in Turkey. The tourists explore and enjoy visiting the cave churches decked up with historical murals and frescos. The origin of the valley dates back thousands of years. The valley houses a few hamlets and a vast range of animals. The valley has four entrances, as once people used to inhabit at this place. Now, being a popular tourist destination, the valley is accompanied by a visitor center, ticket booth, restroom, and parking lot. Belisirma village is the only entrance to the valley that allows a car.

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To conclude,

The blog has discussed the tourist sites located in the lap of nature in Turkey. There are mountains, valleys, caves, strait, pools, and national parks on the list. On a visit to Turkey, you must book the Turkey Pool Villa to enjoy a pleasant time. After the days' adventures, the warm behavior and hospitality at the pool villa refresh the mind and body.